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The murder of Imran Aliyev, also known as “Mansur Old”, took place on January 30 at the hotel Coq Hardi near the train station in the centre of Lille

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Chechen killer Usman Mamadiev stabbed in a hotel in the French city of Lille blogger and critic of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov – a 44-year-old Imran Aliyev, while preparing to emigrate to the EU, gave himself for cancer.

Living in Poland Chechen blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov, who had fled the Republic because of persecution, published in his Telegram-channel recording of a phone conversation with a certain Zvonkovoe Louise and her niece Amina Hamidova. According to him, these women were helping alleged murderer with the preparation of documents necessary for obtaining visas to EU countries, women provide services on registration of documents.

Writes Abdurakhmanov, Khamidov was accompanied by a suspect in the murder Gimadieva and 18 January I flew with him from Moscow to Valencia, and thence to Berlin, and the next day returned.

In addition, Khamidov sent the alleged offender remittances, when he was already in Belgium, according to “Caucasus.Realities”.

In a telephone conversation with Abdurahmanova women confirmed this, but stressed that they were misled, as the 34-year-old Usman Mamadiev, known by the nickname “Nushka”, “presented by the cancer patient who urgently needs an operation in Germany.” Therefore, Khamidov was doing all this with the best intentions, she bought a alleged murderer and a return ticket to Moscow. According to Hamidova if the authorities of any country, where he had been a criminal, wants to interview her and her aunt Louise Zvonkova, they “are ready to provide all the evidence.”

According to the Tumso Abdurakhmanova, who spoke with Hamidova, it is possible that women for their work has received “security guarantees” from Kadyrov’s men.

Meanwhile, the publication of the “Caucasian Knot” with reference to sources in the Chechen Diaspora in France, believes that the victim in the hotel Coq Hardi in the French Lille Imran Aliyev, also known as “Mansur Old” was not a goal sent from Chechnya killer.

Says the head of the Association “Bart – Marsho” Dzhambulat Suleymanov, the main goal of the killer was Minkail Malyshev. “Aliyev himself was hardly interesting to the customers. Most likely, it was an interesting Minkail Malishev that ugly speaks about the Chechen authorities. As follows from published recordings, the killer and Aliyev went to Malisevo, but the way something happened, and Mansour Old was the victim of this situation,” – said Suleymanov.

Blogger Minkail Malyshev published on your YouTube-channel recordings of conversations with Imran Aliyev and the alleged murderer. From these recordings it follows that the killer several times, as it were casually interested in Malisheva. Imran Aliyev assured that the companion is a reliable person, and persuaded Malisheva to meet him.

Suleymanov noted that the police never filed a case about the beating of minkailu Malisheva in 2018, “as the German authorities a cool attitude to (him)”. He Malyshev after this incident he moved to France.

In April 2018 Minkail Malishev said that was severely beaten after the publication of the call for Chechens living in Europe, to unite and to organize a rally “against lawlessness” in Chechnya. He also reported on the deportation of his wife and children. In April 2019, he called a forced video message wife filed for divorce with him. And relatives Malisheva, supposedly returning home voluntarily, urged bloggers to stop criticizing the Chechen authorities.

In France Malyshev asked the authorities about police protection, but his request remains unfulfilled. “We understand that French authorities provide such protection only with the approval of the security services. Not to say that the situation is hopeless, but in recent times the French Agency for refugees trying to wrap reports the “Memorial” and “Civic assistance” under the pretext that they do not believe in their authenticity, although enough to make a phone call. The status of refugees, mostly women (from the Chechen Diaspora),” – said the representative of the “Chechen Committee” Daniel Mikhailovich.

According to him, in France, a new category of asylum seekers – people who do not hide that “serve in the power structures of Kadyrov”, but then encountered problems. “They also say that suffered from the Islamists of Chechnya. Ironically, such rhetoric causes a part (French officials),” said Mikailovich.

He is aware of at least one case when French authorities deported a Chechen convicted of cooperation with the Russian authorities. “Its purpose was surveillance and reporting information about the Chechen Diaspora in Russia”, – said Mikailovich, which considers a real threat against left in Europe of natives of Chechnya, who were against the regime of Kadyrov.

We will remind, in 2016, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov voiced threats against compatriots living abroad. “We have data on each of you, and we know who you are… We know where you write, and you are all in our hands. And therefore do not harm themselves”, – said Kadyrov.

Blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov believes that the murder of Imran Aliyev was an “act of intimidation” on the part of the Chechen authorities. “It is a demonstration that they are so blatantly will take revenge for words,” said Abdurakhmanov.

The Lille Prosecutor’s office currently is investigating the murder of 44-year-old Imran Aliyev. Investigation by the local judicial police. No arrests not yet been made. The Lille Prosecutor’s office believes the 34-year-old Usman Mamadiev, a resident of Gudermes district of Chechnya, who was shot along with Aliyev, the main suspect, he is wanted. But the suspect is already in Russia, flying a plane from Berlin on the day of the murder. According to the blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov, Usman Mamadiev works for high-ranking Chechen officials – state Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov.

The investigation believes that the murder in Lille “has all the characteristics of the political”.