Police and protesters in Chemnitz, Germany. August 26, 2018 © Andreas Seidel / DPA / AFP

Police called in reinforcements after hundreds of protesters, including far-right members, hit the streets in the German city of Chemnitz following the death of a “German” in a brawl that involved men of “various nationalities.”

The protesters gathered on Sunday when news broke that a 35-year-old German man was fatally stabbed during a fight involving 10 people, German media reported. Two other men in their 30s, both German, were also injured during the brawl. Two more men, aged 22 and 23, were taken into custody. The right-wing “Kaotic Chemnitz” (Chaotic Chemnitz) football fan group is said to have called for the rally, which later turned violent.

1000 Rechtsextreme marschieren in Chemnitz auf. Laut Beobachtern Übergriffe auf Migranten. Polizei überrumpelt. #c2608pic.twitter.com/LuxcEV5onD

— Fabian Eberhard (@FabianEberhard) August 26, 2018

The altercation happened at 3:15 AM, and is said to have been caused by a verbal argument. The police had initially refused to name the nationalities of the other men involved, but later confirmed that they were “of various nationalities.”

During the Sunday rally, some of the protesters were hurling bottles at officers. As the situation escalated Chemnitz police had to call for reinforcements from Leipzig and Dresden to control the crowd.

The protests coincided with a week-long street festival, which was abruptly cut short by several hours due to the violence. There were also reports of locals attacking bystanders whom they considered to be of non-German origin.

The street violence was condemned by local authorities. The mayor of Chemnitz, Barbara Ludwig, said she was “horrified” by events.

Menschenjagd in #Chemnitz Nazi-Hools sind heute zu allem fähig.#FckNZSpic.twitter.com/dP9EK4T84p

— Antifa Zeckenbiss (@AZeckenbiss) August 26, 2018

Right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) organized a separate rally which took place without incident and had 100 people attending. Residents also brought flowers in memory of the dead man.

During the violence, some of the protesters vented their anger at migrants, local media reported. The “self-justice” was condemned by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesperson, who said that “hounding of people who look different” was unacceptable.

#Chemnitz – Pics from 26.08.2018 after the murder

What are you talking about? These are not "Ultras", these are ordinary citizens protesting against another murder in their city. pic.twitter.com/SLmzcyHTGf

— B. Frieling-Bailey (@frielingbailey) August 26, 2018

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