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Saturday, 26 may, in Kiev will host the final of the Champions League real Madrid – Liverpool.

“SE” correspondent explains why the Champions League should Liverpool win.

Kings priori need to be arrogant. Even if they kings in quotes. Before the final I specifically studied the Spanish press, to penetrate her arrogance and more angry. Happened.

Not news that the Madrid media did not see the coast, but now they seem to be celebrating already. Well-known journalist and writer Diego Torres wrote in El Pais: “In Madrid there is not the slightest fear, neither the leadership nor among the players. Everyone is relaxed. This easy-finals in the era of Florentina Perez was not yet.”

Julian Ruiz of El Mundo, too, have allegedly returned from the future: Liverpool would be crushed by the legendary “real” – he wrote. And here’s another great quote Phil Kitromilides leading club real Madrid TV: “People think that the statistics and history don’t matter. Have! Maybe not rivals, but for “real” – exactly. These titles confirm the status of the kings of Europe, and the team knows it”.

Dear friends, your beloved team hasn’t won the Champions League. And opponents have not “Las Palmas” and “Granada” and “Liverpool”. The team in this Champions League scored more than anyone else – with a separation from “real”! A team that three times in a season won unconditionally the best club in England (with the coach, not so long ago humiliated Madrid). The team, which plays one of the best players of the season.

I could write the “best” and would have been right, because it would Express their own opinions, their own truth. But this text is already swollen from delusions of grandeur, even a stranger. So just to remind you a few figures: Salah in the Premier League and scored 32 goals, and Cristiano Ronaldo in La Liga – 26.

“Liverpool” – the outsider in the final. “Real” is in many respects superior opponent, but not so much that immediately after the victory in the semi-finals to put on championship t-shirts. I’m talking about Ramos, who, after reaching the final showed the world a shirt with the word Kiev and the number 13 stands for the fact that in the Ukrainian capital, Madrid is going to win the 13th title.

How would not that number is cursed for the “king’s son”, because to frighten luck very easily. Ask Gattuso midfielder “Milan” break into the famous Champions League final-2005 touched the trophy and jinxed his team. Win then Liverpool.

In 2005, the Reds were hungry. In the Premier League and the Champions League they have not won for a long time, although he retained the title of the club. Milan were well-fed and (winning the Champions League in 2003 and a series a year later), and opinionated – in the break for sure.

Now “real” food in my belly, after two consecutive victories in the Champions League discourage. And Liverpool again craves trophies from 2006 he won only one League Cup. Jurgen Klopp has nurtured cheerful team, that can tear to pieces anyone her angry. And the great thing about this red Hulk can Wake up whatever – and words, and results, and physical pressure. Liverpool’s names are not superior to real Madrid, but playing the giants Klopp to play the easier is to prove the results of the last two seasons. Don’t even be surprised if Madrid will be defeated by courage and motivation in the alloy terrible.

However, I didn’t say that. As there are usually repeat at press conferences? “We expect a difficult game, respect the opponent, in its composition there are a number of good players. Who is stronger, will show the football.” So be it.

Gosha CHERNOV, Sport-Express