Monday. Manchester. Training “Manchester United”. Photo: Reuters

Only eight teams guaranteed a place in the knock-out stage of the main tournament of Europe.

Six already or that do not apply. The fate of the remaining 18 will be determined in the final round of games.

Of course, we are most interested in group F, where Shakhtar play. But there all is clear: in order that the miners broke through to the next stage, you need at least one of the conditions: they do not lose in Kharkov or Napoli has not won in Rotterdam.

In other groups more difficult. Get acquainted with their scenario before the finish of the group stage.

Group A

First place is already guaranteed to itself “Manchester United”, which has advantage on personal meetings on lagging behind it by 3 points teams. And over Basel, which has played, and against CSKA, defeated them in Moscow with the score 4:1. Nobody seriously thinks that the “old Trafford” soldiers will be able to take a convincing revenge like 4:0 or 5:1.

Here are complacent mood favorite, which on Sunday will battle with Manchester city – easily. Muscovites to get into the playoffs, you need the final day to play better than Basel. Not on goal difference (although it is implied), and outcome. The Swiss also play away against motivated only financially (prize for winning) “Benfica” and in this meeting far from clear. If the match at old Trafford, the bookies surely give an advantage to Manchester United (1.44 per his victory), the game in Lisbon almost equally all three outcomes.

Group B

Two completely different status pairs. It is unlikely Celtic will allow the Anderlecht game of Lukasz Teodorczyk to play the Brussels defeat 0:3 and displace the green-whites from the third “ligeirinho” places. So that, by and large, this fight will interest fans of these two teams. But the Munich battle between Bayern and PSG will look the whole world.

To qualify for the spring first, Heynckes’s side will need to beat the September the offender with the score more convincing 3:0 – with such account had been defeated by the Germans at the “Parc des princes”. As is well known, was the last straw bosses “Bavaria”, the result of which was fired Carlo Ancelotti and Heynckes returned. The current Bayern is not like the one in September, and Parisians lost in the last match of the championship of France “Strasbourg”. However, we are unlikely to see repeat of Barcelona’s history. Moreover, Neymar is no longer there.

Group C

Chelsea simple formulation of the task – not to lose at home “Atletico”, not to allow yourself to get around Roma. The fact that the Romans would prevail over the “Karabakh”, I think, no doubt. The challenge for Conte is completely solved, and the coefficient on the victory of their opponents to 3.75. And you know, circumstances force the “plans” on that same winning play. Otherwise The Europa League.

Group D

Here “Barcelona” is the first. N it is unlikely, even without special interest, and will share points with the Lisbon “sporting”, which has in theory a chance to get around leading him to a point of Juventus, playing in Piraeus with Olympiacos. Rather, the Old lady wins on the road than the lions will take out points from camp Nou. By the way, the odds for a victory “leopards” – a classic for the case when an obviously stronger team, takes a strong rival, having, in contrast, a solid motivation, – 1,44.

Group E

Everything is clear only “Maribor”. Well, the first three clubs know that Europe provided to them. It remains only to distribute the tournaments and locations. Somehow, no doubt in an away triumph Sevilla in Slovenia. But then “Liverpool, who missed his last tour victory at the “Ramon Sanchez Pishuan”, arrange in the home game with Spartak only win. It is, incidentally, likely, not only, according to bookmakers, probably offering this pair of bets, not only on account.

Group F

Still it was all very clear: Manchester city all beat, “Feyenoord” – all inferior. Shakhtar vs Napoli traded home wins, and the Neapolitans have won bigger. If the trend does not change, then in the playoffs of the Champions League will leave Napoli and the Europa League will leave Shakhtar. However, the December tour is off the track. Manchester city, vyryvaya last victory on the veins, there is little need to strain before Sunday’s game with “Manchester United” and “Napoli” keep in mind also a series where his leadership after the defeat from Juve called into question. The bookmakers still believe in the victory of the wards Maurizio Sarri in Rotterdam, but in Kharkov prefer Shakhtar. (1 – 2,29, X – 3,39, 2 – 3,39). And that’s when Guardiola have not yet announced the composition of the delegation.

Group G

In the most uninviting to our group for the tricky interchange. Beşiktaş is already a winner, “Monaco” is the fourth superfluous. For the second ticket in absentia fighting the “Port” and “Leipzig”. The Portuguese advantage in personal meetings. Perhaps the others will come to mind to stimulate the third, however, the bookmakers believe that it will not help, and the status quo will remain.

Group H

Borussia Dortmund Andriy Yarmolenko has come to the point that only the best goal difference (with two draws 1:1 in personal meetings) allows them to be above APOEL to qualify in the best case for continued participation in the Europa League. And in the final match will have to play away with the very “real”, even for a victory and not very important – still Tottenham host Cypriot, have already guaranteed the first place.

However, part-time, but the chances of Dortmund for spring look more substantial. By the way, when the draw 1/16 Europa League Borussia, if you go back will be “asiany”. So, can go to “Dynamo”, if that finishes first in the group. Or “miner” if he finishes third and with 9 points, will likely fall into the “seeding”.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine