ODESSA-KIEV. April 30. UNN. Of nerubayskoye in belyaevskiy district, during the celebration of the wedding were poisoned 20 people, including one 5-year-old child. About it the correspondent of UNN reported in press-service GU of Gospodarevskaya in the Odessa region.

Its toxicity to patients associated with the use of dishes made in the restaurant “Isolde” nerubayskoye village of the Belyaevsky region of Odessa region. All were invited to the wedding 84.

It is established that, in addition to the dishes that were cooked in the restaurant, patients used a cake homemade.

“During epibrassinolide experts selected the necessary quantity of samples for laboratory control. To the administration of the restaurant “Isolde” directed an order to suspend the operation for disinfection and General cleaning”, – is spoken in the message.

Now 20 people were hospitalized with symptoms of acute intestinal infection. 18 cases are in KU “City clinical infectious hospital”, Odessa, and two in the infectious disease Department Belyaevskaya CRB.

Anti-epidemic measures and laboratory studies are continuing. The situation is on control of head Department of Gospodarevskaya in the Odessa region.

Recall from food poisoning hospitalized 15 children who participated in the children’s event in the city, during which they used pre-made breakfasts.