Ginger kitty named Tea for two years with his owner carries passengers.
Passengers vs the cat in the car do not deny screenshot with the video settings Kharkov taxi service operates an unusual pair of drivers – a ginger cat Tea and his master Alexander.

As stated in the story TSN, Kharkov, and his pet Dachshund along for two years. Alexander says specifically looking for the cat to carry it with you car – for comfort.

“Was at a tire shop and wave, my girl, on foot with two hands was a small kitten and said, “meow!” – said Alexander.

Since then began their joint career and love. Cat Alexander called Tea – in honor of the tip, which began to leave clients. Once he even had to change taxi service – just to stay together with the cat.

Quadruped works hard feet and can withstand 12-hour shifts. Your workday tailed taxi driver begins with a delicious Breakfast, and then immediately ran to the car, rather its master. Tea loves her job, so the redhead salon feels like home: at low speeds prefers to ride on the hood because there is better seen.

According to Alexander, the passengers have nothing against the cat,and after the appearance of his pages in social networks that actually became popular among the residents of Kharkiv.

Cat-taxi driver works in Kharkov, Ukraine with his master