Gennady Trukhanov

The suspicion that the National anti-corruption Bureau has announced the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, the Solomensky district court of Kiev recognized the sound, however, associated with a measure of restraint to it risks – unproven. This is stated in the text of the decision of the court of 15 February.

“The investigating judge considers that the reasons and circumstances of the detention and further detention OSOBA_5 (Trukhanov, – ed.) after the detention of persons NABU in the framework of criminal proceedings No. 52016000000000411 meet the requirements of the law”, – stated in the text of the definition.

According to the court, the suspicion of detectives meets the requirements of the European court of human rights regarding the validity. The court transferred the case materials plant “region”, the correspondence between LLC Elite development and the Odessa city Council about the purchase of the building, as well as the decision of the mayor about the agreement on the transaction. The court also received written comments from the lawyers of the city Council, data Prozorro about the services of repair of the premises and more.

The court found that the Prosecutor’s arguments about the risk of flight Trukhanov from the investigation in no way confirmed.

In addition, the judges did not see the risk of destruction of evidence in the case, as all the necessary evidence already taken, as reported in Prosecutor’s office. The court, however, found proved the risk of influence on witnesses Trukhanov and the other defendants, especially their subordinates.

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In the fall of 2016, the city of Odessa purchased the building of the former factory “region” for 185 million UAH, however the same building in early 2016 has already been sold for 3,8 million UAH, and later sold over 11 million UAH. The NEB has made to 185 million UAH on the accounts of the Bank “Pivdenny” was arrested. Media reported that the fraud allegedly involved Trukhanov.

There are constant attempts to remove their arrest. In January 2018, the GPU announced suspected the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council Oleg Babenko and his associates on charges of bribery: they supposedly were going to give $500 thousand to detective NAB for removal of arrest from the above mentioned accounts.

14 Feb Trukhanov and his Deputy Paul Vogelman detained at Boryspil airport, passing the NAB. Both appear in criminal proceedings on misappropriation and embezzlement of property. February 15, at the courthouse, which was released both on bail of the Deputy from BPP Dmitry Golubov, clashed with the shooting (photos) with the participation of Razdrogin, the police and the titushky. SAP appealed against the decision of the court with the requirement to elect him to arrest the bail of 50 million UAH.

On 21 February, the court sent under night house arrest of two officials of the Odessa city Council in the case of the plant “region”.

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