March 22. Luxembourg. The Stadium “Stade Josy Barthel”. Luxembourg – Ukraine – 1:2. In the fight for the ball, Maxime CHANOT and JUNIOR MORAES. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE” in Ukraine”

Lips call themselves a football lawyer for a man viewers Sunday “Great football” hint: source “business Junior Moraes” that threatens our national team with a loss of four points is located in Ukraine, and look for it in the recent change in player nationality and club.

In fact, we have another reason to make sure that with open source lawyers are not able to work not only in FFU. But in the search of the internal enemy, they simply have no equal.

We’ve all been waiting for: when instead of having to blame themselves for their negligence and arrogance, you will find a side to blame. What is to blame? Yes, that Portuguese website published a “top secret” information about Junior Moraes.

And on the basis of Portugal’s Federation and Luxembourg (or is it in reverse order, because Luxembourgers have missed the allotted day, and the Portuguese had to arrange everything retroactively, referring to the weekend) filed a protest against the participation of “wrongly naturalized” player in the starting matches of the Ukrainian team in the selection of Euro-2020.

Wait! Four leading Studio decided not to, respecting the profession, hint. But there was a football lawyer Dmytro Korobko. He voiced what they wanted to hear:

“It’s hard to imagine that Portugal and Luxembourg are really interested in a career Moraes and believed when he went to China and stuff. It is clear that someone them this information anymore. In my opinion, the source of all this scandal somewhere in Ukraine. We know that Junior Moraes, say, violated some unwritten rules of transition from one club to another. To whom is the throat – think for yourself…”.


Thought. So what? Career Junior Moraes is not a mystery. Nothing there is no need to calculate – just look at Transfermarkt, Wikipedia, Soccerway… Journalists in the course, so don’t say stupid things. Lawyers are the same – don’t need to know. Especially those who sits in a Lab alley. Even those who have the diploma is real.

Next to this text – an example from Transfermarkt. Plates from other sources will not lead just to save space. There is in principle the same. Repeat: this data is not secret! Who where how many days had too, nobody cares.

Let Junior Moraes even from Kiev to every game in China flew. Even though “Tianjin” all games held in Kiev. The club assigned to another country – and that’s enough!

Do you think the Portuguese journalists stupid lawyers from FFU – those are flashed on television and not real? They, you believe, could not ignore that the national team of Ukraine “suddenly” there was a guy with Brazilian roots? And could not ask about milestones of his career?


If I am not mistaken, naturalization Junior Moraes became a surprise even for Andriy Shevchenko. Anyway, he said at a press conference devoted to the beginning of the March gathering. The first question was about convert Ukrainian. Well, will not be the same coach to dissemble. Do you think the Portuguese did not read the report about this press conference and not interested in what this novice?

From the heart praise for the promptness of the team, managed by the next morning to prepare for a Brazilian and a hotel room, and kit. To think that the staff of the FFU was not asleep. However, we learned this in hindsight when the FFU website published a statement by its General Secretary Yuri Zapisannogo:

“I want to emphasize that during the consideration of the question of inviting Junior Moraes to the national team of Ukraine for training and participation in matches against Portugal and Luxembourg, we analyzed the situation with citizenship. Also, consultations were held with experts from UEFA and FIFA, which confirmed the validity of the invitation Moraes in the national team of Ukraine”.

I wonder who these “experts from UEFA and FIFA”, which were able to interview a few before FFU hours? Not if the newly elected member of the UEFA Executive Committee? He will tell you…


But even if you were really versed in the matter of person, not “sir” part-time, you can imagine how this could look. Probably because: “whether the right of a citizen of Ukraine to play for the national team of Ukraine?” “Yes, it sure does.” “Well, okay…”

That four-month rental of a Brazilian in China can (not necessarily will, but can) be a problem for the application of Junior Moraes as a team player and not to fight “Shakhtar” with a limit on foreign players, wrote long ago – not even we. And then interesting things are discovered.

16 Oct 2018 Ukrainian “Tribune” in the article “Why ismaily to naturalize right now, and Blanco-Lesya – no” to read:

“Football lawyer Ilya Skoropashkin explained how it works:

“Transfer of the leasehold is not considered official business. If the player moved from the Ukrainian club in a foreign lease, the period of continuous stay in Ukraine, of course, interrupted. Concluding the contract-the tenant, the player effectively terminates the relationship with the Ukrainian club and changes the employer receives a work permit in another country, enters into a contract with a new club, gets there for the paycheck, pays taxes, etc.”


On the same site, but in March 2019 read:

“Lawyer Ilya Skoropashkin commented the situation with a possible violation of the FFU of the FIFA statutes the naturalization of players:

“According to part 3, article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On citizenship of Ukraine” one of the reasons it is continuous residence on legal grounds on the territory of Ukraine for the past 5 years.

According to paragraph 10 of article 1 of this act, continuous residence in the territory of Ukraine shall be considered residence in Ukraine persons, if it is a one-time trip abroad on private business didn’t exceed 90 days and in total for the year is 180 days.

It is not a violation of the requirement of continuous stay departure of a person abroad on a business trip, to study, on holiday, on treatment, on the recommendation of the relevant medical establishment or modification of the person’s place of residence on the territory of Ukraine”.


We certainly agree more than with the March Skoropashkin. And, nevertheless, were better, as they say, safe than sorry. “SE” immediately after the naturalization of Brazilian (in the issue of March 20) tearfully asked UFF to secure, to send to UEFA and FIFA official request, whether Junior Moraes to play in the next two matches of the national team.

Surely this was not the only one. Not noticed? Were found, with the advice of “experts” from UEFA and FIFA? Or they simply decided to rid themselves of extra work?

And that’s all it was- to send a request to the relevant authorities. Yes, the answer would have to wait a couple of weeks. But is urgently needed Junior Moraes in the matches against Portugal and Luxembourg? Afterthought: it really helped?

If Moraes does not mean that ten. Examples of the fire of naturalization, and the successful introduction into the composition of Sergei Kandaurov and Marlos, resulting in the defeat against Slovenia (in 1999) and Croatia (in 2017) learned nothing?


It is unlikely that Shakhtar was so hurried. There were ready and to wait until the summer when you get another batch of Brazilians and maybe there is a problem with the limit. Well, received the passport. So – once in the national team?

But again, it’s simple: send a request and wait. Did Aleksey Bokarevym good that the only match for Ukraine was a friendly. Probably were sent requests in the cases of Sergey Kormiltseva and Alexander Gorshkov, who prior to appearing in the national team of Ukraine played for Russia.

With Marko Devic and Edmar questions could not be, but still – paused.

Funny attempt to blame the Portuguese and Luxembourgers in dementia and find “zradu.” Themselves, they say, they are unable to establish that Junior Moraes four months playing in China, it took the anonymous letter from Ukraine.

It was invented by the journalist, obviously with email access FPF. Sites waiting clicks happily reprint stupidity. What do you say? The names of the authors are “anonymous” – Transfermarkt, Wikipedia, Soccerway…


I repeat: information is not secret. And FIFA and UEFA, there is no case to the number of days that someone calculates. By the way, who the days it was called? Well, of course, that FFU though the laws of their country are not violated (it is, after diploma, grass, reconciliation…), but there are still the laws of FIFA.

I hope they’re on our side, and rent will not be deemed interrupted by a period. Precedent was not – will have to prove.

The least funny attempt to blame something Federation Portugal and Luxembourg. They say they have to win all means are good. Not all means are legitimate. They had a legal right to protest, they took advantage. The Luxembourgers are generally no questions in 24 hours missed, there is no reason to refuse to consider. Here the Portuguese have the question of whether a convincing reason for the delay of the protest weekend?

By the way, someone (first Lithuanian media, then, and ours) the question arose as to the Luxembourg – about Gerson Rodriguez. Born in Portugal in 1995, in 2009, lives in Luxembourg, there is also clear and the passport is received. Football and citizenship.

But five years after the age of 18 years (in 2013) no – went to Holland, Moldova. Have questions? Is. So ask.

My only fear seem ridiculous – after 16 matches Gerson Rodriguez for the team. At least this is FFU, it seems, did not lead. ‘ve done…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine