KIEV. 5 Aug. UNN. Cargo ship BBC Lagos ran aground near Helsingborg on Sweden’s West coast. According to the Agency TT, the captain of the Russians — is detained “on suspicion of piloting the vessel while drunk and high degree of negligence in navigation”, reports UNN.

The press-Secretary of police Frederick bratt reported that the alcohol content in the captain’s blood is equal to 2.5 ppm. With such a degree of intoxication, “man is difficult to stand on his feet without assistance, and in the eyes of all may see double,” said bratt.

According to the coast guard, a 130-foot ship with 5 thousand tons of wheat on Board was heading from Klaipeda (Lithuania) to Las Palmas (Spain). It was on the Caribbean Islands of Antigua and Barbuda. It is not known when the vessel can be lifted off the rocks and continue swimming to their destination.

“The alcohol content in the captain’s blood — 2.5 ppm. This is a very great figure, which means that the offender may be punished with imprisonment, he said. The court hearings on the case be held no later than Tuesday 7 August.”

Recall, the newspaper The Washington Post, citing a Senate intelligence Committee reported that Russian Maria Butina, who was arrested in Washington on July 15, a month before the U.S. presidential election led mail correspondence with Jeffrey Gordon, who was a member of the campaign trump and was responsible for the national security of the United States from March to August 2016.