Photo by the Canadian fishermen caught lobster logo Pepsi

How the image got on the claw, and it is not yet clear


Canadian fishermen caught lobster with blue and red prints of the logo for Pepsi claws. This writes Gromadska with reference to The Guardian.

Caught lobsters are shipped in a box for winding the claw, when a team member Clarissa Lindstrand noticed a strange imprint.

“I thought, Oh, this is the same Bank REAR! I looked closer, it looked more like a tattoo or if the image is printed directly into claws,” – said Lindstrand.

Neither she nor any other member of the team has never seen. Almost a week after a find discussions about how this could happen.

Some believed that lobster grew up just around cans of soda, others – that somehow part of the banks stuck in the claws.

Lindstrand rejected these alternatives, noting that the image was pixelated, it couldn’t be soda cans. Second, it was too small.

Photo: Karissa Lindstrand / the Guardian