Can the small gadget and app to the smartphone to replace medical lab? Of course not – just to simplify, accelerate and reduce the cost of the analysis process the three most common samples: saliva, urine and blood. Such a device developed at the University of Illinois and is only $550 per copy.

The technology analyzer is a simple principle: if you change the composition of the liquid it changes its color, becomes more or less transparent, etc. it only Remains to check the detailed images with the standard and to make an Express test. In some cases in the studied environment add a dye that reacts to the presence of certain substances, this reaction and locks the device.

Looks like the analyzer attachment for a smartphone with the cartridges containing the samples of liquid. By using a white light flash phone or its own led backlight tests “translucent”, and the result captures the camera smartphone. The rest of the trick is to select the application desired test type and start the processing of images at the appropriate algorithm.

The creators of the analyzer, use the most common in American medicine tests and we are confident that on this basis it is possible to develop software for conducting any similar tests on fluids. Not only in medicine is a quick way to check the quality of food, to find drugs, to take samples of groundwater, etc.
Source — University of Illinois