Official bodies involved in the appointment Prokopchuk, Jr. in Vienna, while comments are not provided.
According to Ukrainian diplomats, he “faithfully defends” the interests of Ukraine in the OSCE / photo UNIAN

Prokopchuk I. V., the younger brother of the candidate for the position of head of the Interpol major General of the Russian police Alexander Prokopchuk, already 8.5 years, led by the permanent mission of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna (in General, he is on a business trip 10.5 years; prior to his appointment to Vienna was Ambassador of Ukraine to Lithuania).

About it reports the edition “Mirror of week”.

Official bodies involved in the appointment Prokopchuk, Jr. in Vienna, while comments are not provided. However, according to the publication, information about the relationships of Igor Prokopchuk and Oleksandr Prokopchuk at the moment are checked. “Although it is surprising that such a test was not carried out earlier, the appointment of a diplomat to high public office. However, many of my colleagues noted a marked external similarity of Igor and Alexander Prokopcuka. Both Prokopchuk graduated from the Kyiv state University.T.Shevchenko”, – writes “Mirror of week”.

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In the biography of Igor Prokopchuk posted on the website of the diplomatic mission, stated that he was born in Zhytomyr region. Wikipedia is the birthplace of Alexander Prokopchuk calls Ukraine and start a career – Zhytomyr regional Committee of Komsomol.

Colleagues characterize Prokopchuk, Jr. as upscale, professional, competent and disciplined, not prone to publicly discuss their political beliefs. At the same colleagues didn’t notice him Pro-Russian views and argue that Igor Prokopchuk valued and respected in the OSCE (Vienna) and in the Central apparatus of the foreign Ministry. According to the testimony of Ukrainian diplomats, he faithfully defends the interests of Ukraine in the OSCE. However, his colleagues were surprised that his children not long ago (in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war) attended school at the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Given the long period of stay Ihor Prokopchuk on a business trip, was looking for a replacement, but, according to informed sources, has still not found a suitable candidate.

At the same time, sources point out that after all necessary checks required to make informed decisions. History Prokopchuk shows how close was previously linked to Ukraine and Russia.

“Ukraine must be vigilant during appointments, but careful in making decisions about dismissal, not to lose professionals and true patriots, whose only “dark spot in the biography” may be relatives abroad”, – said the publication of one of the interlocutors.

“Mirror of the week” tried to call Ihor Prokopchuk to Vienna to take his comment. However, the diplomat did not respond to messages and dropped calls.

A former employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and current Vice-President of the international criminal police Alexander Prokopchuk, suspected of having links with Russian intelligence, is one of the candidates for the post of head of the Interpol is detained in Beijing man Humvee. Vote to be held on Wednesday.