In January-February next year will arrive in Ukraine with a training team of representatives from the personnel of the Royal naval forces, Royal Marines and army.
Illustration / REUTERS

The Secretary of state for defence of great Britain Gavin Williamson noted that in 2019, his country would send to the Black sea ship of the Royal naval forces to support freedom of navigation in the region.

According to the report on the website of the British defense Ministry, Williamson confirmed that the UK and Ukraine will continue to strengthen defense cooperation amid growing threats and external aggression.

As stated by a member of the British government at the meeting with the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, the Armed forces of both countries will work together in some future training operations, protecting the international rule of law.

In particular, in 2019 in the Black sea will be sent to the ship of the British Royal Navy HMS Echo in support of the Britain on the freedom of navigation in the region.

It was also confirmed that in January and February of the following year’s training team, consisting of representatives of the personnel of the Royal naval forces, Royal Marines and the army, will be sent to Ukraine to continue military training programs, as previously Williamson announced during his visit to Ukraine in September.

Also the UK military and the Armed forces of Ukraine will have the opportunity to study and exchange experiences when the British contingent will participate in the upcoming Ukrainian-American exercises “Sea Breeze”.

“Ukraine is opposed to military action by Russia, she can be confident in the support of a reliable partner – the UK. We will help Ukraine to defend the values that we share, through our cooperation, and conducting educational and military programs,” said Williamson.

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“The values of freedom and democracy are not subject to bargaining. I saw with my own eyes the consequences of the conflict in the East of Ukraine, when I visited the front, and that has increased my support for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” said Williamson.

In turn, Poltorak said that the UK is a valuable partner for Ukraine, who supported the Armed forces of Ukraine against the background of Russian aggression in the last four years.

“As we fight to protect our territory, and offer extended support of the UK Armed forces is extremely important and accepted by us with gratitude,” – said Poltorak.

In September 2018 the Minister Williamson visited the East of Ukraine, in order to see the consequences of the ongoing conflict, and stated that the UK will continue the curriculum as part of operation “Orbital” by 2020.

“Since the beginning of 2015 British trainers have trained more than 9,500 members of the Armed forces of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the UK has created the post of naval attaché for the promotion of improving the defense capabilities of the naval forces of Ukraine.

September 22, Williamson said that the Kingdom until the end of 2018, increase military support for Ukraine, giving the Royal Navy, and next year will increase the presence of patrols of its fleet in the Black sea.