Britain does not want after Brexit to meet the financial commitments of the EU on Ukraine

All member countries of the European Union guaranteed long term loans for Ukraine


Britain did not want to comply with the financial obligations in relation to third countries after leaving the EU, including in Ukraine. This was stated by chief negotiator for EU talks on Brexit Michel Barnier at a press conference in Brussels, reports European truth.

“Britain has made it clear that their obligations are limited to the most recent contribution to the EU budget to exit the block. But we still have obligations to third countries. For example, we together guaranteed long term loans for Ukraine,” – said Barnier.

“We also jointly supported the development of Africa and the Pacific countries through the European development Fund. This week it became clear that Britain does not consider it legally binding to adhere to these obligations after leaving the EU,” he added.

He also recalled that the EU has pledged to support projects of innovative technologies and green energy by 2020, but the UK also said they will not participate.

Barnier noted that the taxpayers in the 27 EU countries do not need to pay for commitments made by 28 countries.

We will remind, the negotiations on Brexit hand, in particular, trying to address the issue of the rights of EU citizens and the UK who live abroad, the financial settlement and the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The European Union wants to resolve all of the issues of “divorce” with Britain, including questions of the Board of London to exit the block before you start to negotiate future trade relations.