KIEV. July 3. UNN. Corruption is one of the urgent problems of many regional offices of the State service on geodesy, cartography and cadastre. This was in comments UNN said a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on agrarian policy and land relations Peter yurchishin.

“Indeed, in the regional offices Gosgeokadastra there is a problem such as corruption. This phenomenon is one effective method of fighting — as soon as the slightest rumors of corruption, it is necessary to conduct a thorough review of the authority and to put corrupt officials behind bars. Immediately behind bars — and more will not steal. Because “sticky hands” is the largest Ukrainian problem, the land industry is no exception,” he said.

Corruption in Gosgeokadastre breeds a lack of professional leadership, said the MP.

“For example, we have in Vinnytsia region there are no problems with corruption. Because we have a professional guide. It is the lack of professionalism combined with the greed for money leaves of the Volunteers and farmers without land,” — said yurchishin.

Liability for the corrupt actions of the regional offices of the Department rests on the shoulders of the Central body of Executive power, says MP.

“If silent Gosgeokadastr is also a problem, because he doesn’t have to be silent. The gosgeokadastr should be responsible for the actions of its regional offices. Tested, proven facts, a prison — according to this principle needs to punish the guilty. It is necessary to change leadership on the ground until the specialists, and the corrupt will go to jail,” said yurchishin.

We will remind, deputies of Cherkasy regional Council, farmers and veterans of the ATO demand to dismiss the head of local administration Gosgeokadastra Olga Pledge, accusing her of organizing corruption schemes in land allocation.

At the same time in the Central Gosgeokadastre requirements of Cherkasy ignore.

Earlier UNN reported that in the Kiev region official Gosgeokadastra got burned on a bribe of $ 2000.