American gave birth to a child weighing about seven kilograms.

The weight of a girl who was born in one of maternity hospitals of the city of Elmira in upstate new York, was 6.9 kg, and growth — 59 centimeters. This writes the

Doctors admitted that in the entire history of medical institutions have never seen such a large newborn. Typically, newborn children weigh less than half, and weight in pounds reach to six months.

Mother baby Harper compared childbirth “feels like you’ve been run over by two trucks”. Three doctors did the woman cesarean section. However, to avoid birth injury failed.

Currently, the baby is under constant supervision of doctors and breathes through an oxygen concentrator. Doctors carefully monitor the level of sugar and oxygen in the blood of a girl.

Two years ago Buckley, weighing 95 pounds, also had a relatively heavy child. The newborn weight was 4.9 kg.