Elo boost – in his direct translation means “account promotion”, in this case, in the League of Legends concept – is to increase your ELO. Elo boostpopular in many games, including the league of legends, but at the expense of what? First – this is a great opportunity to play against stronger players scored for the time experience, after such good practice will be much easier to achieve the desired ELO own, and secondly – it’s a great opportunity to show your friends / acquaintances is what level you have reached in the game, agree that in certain circles it is very prestigious, such as expensive watches for 50 thousand in our daily life, the way it is. Third, of course, is the desire to get the frame and other awards at the end of the season in the league of legends, it can be very disappointing if already here now, a week end the season, which lasted a whole year, and you are missing a couple of divisions to win the frame, and you just simply do not have time to raise your game level to an appropriate level in order to overcome them … yes, it’s a shame. In fact, the reasons why the elo boost – it is the most popular service in the whole gaming community, and not just in the League of Legends is a lot of reasons as much as there are people for whom this service is important. However, we are absolutely not interested in the reasons for which you order from us for this service, as well as what you ultimately do with it, all we need to know – this division in which you are now and the division in which you intend to get there, leave the rest to us.

So what is the Elo boost ?

Boost elo – is the ability to achieve the desired division as soon as possible, without making any effort for this

Boost elo – a unique prospect to play against strong players, and thus to experience himself, knowing what you are really capable of

Elo boost – it is so you can gain experience and raise their own level of play, at the expense of matchups against more experienced rivals.

Finally, Elo boost – is the easiest and fastest way to the Diamond League.

Why should I buy ELOBOOST

The answer to this question is obvious. If you do not have time, perseverance, a certain experience, knowledge, and other components to break up the normal division and league, and you sick and tired of constantly fall into the team for the trolls, where people specially poured game \ often AFC shat \ constantly Flame \ insult his team \ saying that all the “crabs” but themselves – better not waste your nerves to such idiots, and not just spending such a large sum, our boosters will raise you to the desired league and division you where these players will be gone. Not always, but usually starting with GoldPlatinum  and above, 80% of the trolls are eliminated. Play with the appropriate people, who respect and help his team much more interesting than playing a Troll in bronze.

How safe ELOBOOST?

We are working in this area for quite a long time, all the time (over four years) has not been a single case of the ban, none of our customers. Although the Riot Games does not endorse these services, and it is prohibited by the rules of the server, in spite of this, we are doing everything possible is safe for you. We went through a lot of clients, all have always been satisfied with our work. Unlike other “booster \-school boosters (let’s call them so)” – we do elobustom professionally and developed a scheme of how to make everything as safe for their customers. And even in the case of suspected members of Riot Games you in Busto, prove your guilt will be very problematic. To do this, we have our own security methods developed over the years. But despite all this, the ordering service to boost your account – you need to understand that taking it at your own risk. We guarantee quality work in a short time, with maximum security for your account, but are not responsible for the follow-up action on the part of the administration server.

What servers League of Legends accounts you pumped?

We provide Elo Busta on official servers League of Legends : Russia , EU West , EU Nordic & East , Turkey . In rare cases, we may take up such a server as the NA and Oceania surcharge.

How quickly you pumped account?

Exactly to answer this question is difficult because the delivery times for each individual client. It all depends on what you want to on a division and league that we pumped you. For example, for pumping a ” Bronze 5 ” to ” Silver 5 ” leaves not much time – about 3-5 days. A Ride with the ” Silver 5 ” to ” Diamond 1 ” or ” Challenger ” may take about a month. Of course still depends on the employment of our people. There are different situations in life, when for any reason the order can be deposited on one or a few days, but it happens very rarely. In any case, we do our job as quickly as possible, we ourselves tightening does not make sense. When a person places an order – the terms are usually negotiated individually.