The presidential candidate of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko, one of the founders of the “Opposition platform For life”, said the TV channel “112 Ukraine” that the country can provide itself with its gas in full.

  • RIA Novosti

“We are able to provide for themselves with gas in full volume, but it should be understood that simultaneously with the increase in gas production, we have to go a program to reduce consumption, replace it with energy that we have in the country in abundance,” — said Boyko.

According to him, “in recent years, new technologies have appeared that allow you to get gas from the already depleted fields”.

“Here trendsetters are Americans, all of its fields in Texas that were closed in the last century, now opened them and there quietly produce gas with the use of new technologies. This is our great reserve,” he said.

The second reserve, he is called the Black sea shelf.

Earlier, the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko has accused Boiko, the desire to put Ukraine “on the gas needle”.