According to counsel, the experts shy away from conducting a full and comprehensive investigation of all circumstances of a traffic accident.
Additional examination in the case of a fatal accident in Sumy in Kharkiv did not give answers /Сергей Perepelitsa

The lawyer of the defendant in the case of a fatal accident on Sumskaya street in Kharkov Gennady Dronova Sergey Perepelitsa said that experts of the Kharkov research Institute of forensic examination (krife were) to them. N. With. The bokarius shy away from conducting a full and comprehensive investigation of all circumstances of a traffic accident.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, Perepelitsa wrote in Facebook.

“Not only that, when you assign this, so saying “further examination” by the court, for unknown reasons, was granted only 2 questions out of 25, which was stated to us, and clearly “independent” experts, the conclusion is not given specific and informed answers to any of these questions, and 29 pages of text just do that write, compose, and once again something, but compose,” wrote Perepelitsa.

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The defender noted that otherwise it is impossible to explain the fact that in the diagram the experts first depict the Volkswagen Touareg, which allegedly crossed the border of the junction body of the vehicle is 90 cm (with the total length of the car 476,6 cm), and then these same experts on the storyboard, videos of accidents spend the same imaginary line of the intersection before the lights Volkswagen Touareg. “And this despite the fact that such an obvious gaffe expertise visible to the naked eye,” said he.

“This is substandard and, frankly, the false conclusion was not a surprise and only confirms that the objective establishment of the circumstances of the accident and a fair trial in this case, apparently, no need”, – concluded the lawyer.

As reported the UNIAN, November 7, Kharkiv Kyiv district court extended the measure of restraint in form of detention for participants in the deadly crash on the street Sumy Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova until 5 January 2019.

Defender Dronova Perepelitsa demanded to change the measure of restraint for his client’s in-house arrest, but the court denied the motion.

The court also received the results of additional examinations, which petitioned the protector Dronova.

Help. 18 October 2017 in Kharkov at the intersection of streets Sumy and lane Mechnikov clash “Lexus” 20-year-old Elena Zaitseva, who was moving at a red light and the car “Volkswagen Touareg”, driven by 49-year-old Gennady drones. After the collision, the Lexus took off on the sidewalk and knocked down 11 pedestrians. It killed five people, one more person died from injuries in hospital.

The court took custody of Dronova and Zaitseva at the time of the investigation. They are accused of violation of traffic rules, which entailed death of people. Both face up to 10 years in prison.