The case against Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova entered the court of appeal.
Zaitseva and Dronovu given 10 years in prison / Photo NewsRoom

In manufacture of the Kharkiv appeal court received the criminal case against Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova in fact a tragic accident in Kharkov in October 2017.

Read takeaway in Kharkov with six victims: ex-lawyer Zaitseva commented on the appeal against the judgment

About April 1, the press service of the court. “A Protocol for automatic distribution of cases is determined by a panel of judges of the Kharkiv court of appeals, which will hear the case. The presiding judge in the case – the judge Vladimir Protasov, judge: Elena Grosheva and Victoria Yakovleva”, – stated in the message.

The appeal on a sentence of the Kiev district court of Kharkov presented by Elena Zaitseva, her champion Yulia Pletneva and defender Gennady Dronova, Sergey Perepelitsa.

As reported, the verdict in the case about the accident in Sumy Kharkiv Kyiv district court ruled on February 26. The two defendants – Gennady Dronova Elena Zaitseva – sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment with disqualification from driving for three years.

26 March it became known that the defendant in a fatal crash with six victims in Kharkov Elena Zaitseva has appealed the verdict.

We will remind, the accident occurred on 18 October 2017. As a result of accident six people were killed, many more were injured.