KHARKOV-KIEV. March 6. UNN. The passenger of the Lexus and the girlfriend suspected in fatal accident on Sumskaya in Kharkov Marina Kovalyov testified in court, the correspondent of UNN.

Note, Kovalev also recognized the victim at the time of the accident, the girl was sitting next to Zaitseva in the front seat and the accident got a fracture of the chest.

Kovalev claims that their car was driving on “blinking green light, turning yellow” with a speed of “approximately 70-75 km/h.” A friend of the suspect also said that Zaitsev honked Volkswagen, but he didn’t respond and supposedly increased the speed.

“Elena tried to turn the wheel to the right to avoid a collision. Elena fell on me, and in unmanaged condition, the car left the pavement. Then we were taken to Mayakovsky. There came to us the drones and said, “Let me look at you, who you are.” Then I was in the hospital. Mother Helena visited me, assisted. From Dronov, there was no help”, – says Kovalev.

Additionally, the Marina contends that Zaitsev was not a drug user: “the media coverage of her as a young drug addict-Majorca. But it’s not. She is a kind and sympathetic person, always find the opportunity to help. I know how difficult it is for her now.”

We will remind, terrible accident has occurred in Kharkiv in the evening of 18 October. After a collision between two SUVs, killing 6 pedestrians and five were injured. Police arrested the alleged culprit of the accident – 20-year-old Elena Zaitseva, who was driving a Lexus.