The former model has received thousands of dollars from the relatives of her deceased husband after a victory in court.

Ukrainian Anna Zyuzina, which the media of Britain dubbed the “black widow” after the murder of her husband
Barry Pring, sued large sum of monetary compensation, reports
“Диалог.UA” with reference to The Daily Mail.

The court ordered the mother and brother of Pring to pay the former model
about 33 thousand dollars, in addition, Zyuzin vytrusili another 50 thousand from the office
coroner Elizabeth Irlend, which was investigating the death of her husband.

Herself “the black widow”
required 260 thousand dollars compensation, but the judge significantly reduced

Recall that Pring met Zyuzina in the Network. In
2008, he came with his young wife in Kiev, where his death hit by a car
the lights off, the driver is not found.

Earlier it became known about death of model and dancer Imin
Fadil due to radiation poisoning.

Recall that in Britain said that the investigations in
Poroshenko fake Yulia Tymoshenko.

As reported, the oligarch Kolomoisky
ceased to pay debts “Privat” and is trying to sue the Bank