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Mining for bitcoins in Iceland may lead to a shortage of power in this country. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

According to the report, in connection with the rapid growth in the popularity of bitcoin mining in Iceland, it takes more and more energy resources of the country, because there are so many centers for the processing of information.

It is noted that in this country, bitcoin mining has entered a stage of “exponential growth.”

“If all these projects are implemented, we will not have enough electricity. This year, the electricity consumption centres of mining bitcoins will likely exceed the energy consumption of the population”, – said the representative of the local energy company HS Orka.

According to him, this year the centers for the processing of information will need 840 gigawatts of electricity, while the population of the country uses about 700 gigawatts of electricity per year.

Currently, almost all electricity Iceland comes from renewable alternative sources.

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