Financial analysts are unable to explain the reasons for the dramatic growth.
Illustration REUTERS2 April 2019 the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, bitcoin rose more than 20% after a long fall.

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It is reported Bloomberg.

As of April 3, the cost of the home cryptocurrency has increased by 22.9%, reaching a record in 2019 5.09 thousands of dollars. At the same time began to grow and other cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, financial analysts are not yet able to determine the implications of this sharp rise in the cost of cryptocurrency. Experts interviewed by Bloomberg, noted that the rise could provoke a purely technical factors. So, for example exchange machines a large number of merchants to crypto-currency could simultaneously work to “buy”, triggering a sharp jump in price.

Other analysts argue that the rising cost of bitcoin has led to “too much predictability of the market for traditional currencies.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Cabinet had planned to develop the rules for the taxation of cryptocurrency transactions.

The government also instructed to make mining cryptocurrency classifier of types of economic activity (CTEA) that legitimizes this activity.