Between great Britain and France decided to build a bridge

In addition, there is the idea of building another tunnel under the English channel


The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson invited the President of France Emmanuel macron to the idea of building a bridge between the United Kingdom and France over the English channel. About it reports UKRINFORM with reference to The Telegraph.

Foreign Minister of Britain, which on January 18 met with the Macron, called “nonsense” the fact that the two biggest economies in the world “connected by only one railway line”.

Macron on the proposal by Johnson to build the second tunnel said, “I agree. Let’s do it.”

Johnson has for some time been promoting the idea of construction of motorway tunnel under the English channel close to the existing, which provides the railway transportation of passengers and cargo. However, in his opinion, the construction of the bridge can also be considered as an option.

In his Twitter, Johnson announced that Britain and France establish a group of experts for joint projects.

“Our economic success depends on well-developed infrastructure and good transport links. The Eurotunnel is only the first step?” – wrote the British politician.

Earlier it was reported that the UK will allocate about 50 million euros for building, strengthening security in the region of Calais, which migrants trying to enter the country from the territory of France.