In 2019 Yellow Dog transmits power to the Yellow Pig.
Best wishes to your colleagues with the upcoming 2019 year /

Before the New year 2019 a few days left, so across Ukraine actively started the season of new year corporate parties. UNIAN has prepared a selection of the best of congratulations to colleagues in different variations. Here you can find a congratulations to colleagues both in poetry and in prose. Depending on the nature of the peers to choose the specifics of the MMS – is it humorous or formal tone. We do not lack attention and bosses who want to congratulate their favorite team. Well, if your colleagues in the profession of doctors, programmers, teachers or the police – we offer traditional greetings. In addition, you will find colorful postcards and pictures on the main winter holiday.

Congratulations to the colleagues in prose

My dear and esteemed colleagues, I congratulate you happy New year. I wish that in new year everything began anew: that was a new success, a new high performance, new beginnings and new victories and new vivid emotions and new happy event. All good and good.


Dear and dear colleagues, I congratulate you with New year! Let you in the new year fill you with new strength and new ideas, new ideas and new luck! I wish you strong health, achievements and progress in career, higher goals, and undoubted success, of deep respect and a happy life!


Happy New Year, colleagues! I wish you a Falcon to fly swiftly through the ranks, to stay at the very top, like a juggler, and then not to become conceited as a peacock! Let your work brings you glory and big money, and others — favor.

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Congratulations to the colleagues in the verses

Colleagues, just friends!

Stepped on the threshold of a new year!

I wish that United our family

Raced with success in advance!

Each to in business and life

Stability reigned and mood.

And fabulous holiday any dream

Today to fulfill was happy!


Happy New Year to you, dear colleagues,

Let he happiness in your life will bring!

So wages are fabulously large,

Well, vacation came twice a year!

Relax, have fun, enjoy,

From work be distracted at least a little!

And for the whole year of excitement gaining,

To the mountains together, we could roll!

Congratulations to the colleagues from the administration

Dear friends, colleagues, partners. We all all the year work for the good of our common cause. Each of us is a part of a friendly team, thanks to the coordinated work we have achieved new heights in the past 2018 year. We all together meet new, 2019, and, as is customary on the eve of a New Year full of hope and optimism, we still believe that our cause is just and we have to strive for. I believe that each of us dreams of new achievements, both personal and of our common. And we will achieve. Thank you for what you use your skill and professionalism for the benefit of our common cause. I am proud of our team! Happy New Year


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Dear colleagues! I think many of You will meet the coming year at the Banquet table with the closest people, because the New year is a family holiday. I want to raise a celebratory glass to the warmth and comfort of Your home, for peace and prosperity in every family! 2019 let the New year be successful and fruitful! Happiness, festive mood, health and love to You and Your family!

Official congratulations to the colleagues

Dear colleagues! Wish you a happy New year of the Yellow Pig. May this new year be fruitful and successful. I wish each of the new steps up the career ladder. Light work and a nice hot holidays. Let all the failures and hardships will remain beyond the threshold of the old year and the new will only be UPS and achievements!


Happy New year, colleagues. I wish you great awards and achievements, self-aspirations and victories, promising ideas, bold decisions and actions, successful launches and successful days. Let this year for all of you to be fruitful in terms of work and happy about life.

Congratulations to his colleagues with the year of the pig

Let the New year will start brightly and will be the beginning of a truly interesting year, full of possibilities! I wish that Pig cheered, amused and pampered by you! Let 2019-St will be relaxed, without haste and experiences!


Let the year 2019 will be a significant, kind, successful and memorable. Let the pig is the mascot will bring you good luck, victory, joy, and love. I wish to meet a fun and just enjoy, this New and certainly a happy year. With a holiday!

Short greetings colleagues, happy New year SMS

Let gives the year of the Pig the fun and luck, and many different surprises to boot!


In the sky signs of the zodiac the lights, off goes the dog, it’s the year of the pig.


May the year of the Pig will be bright and happiness will bring!


May the soul of you live in harmony with itself — then you’re in the pig year will not be a pig


Money is always floating money, pig forgot how to be poor, all replenished the Treasury, the pig of happiness is drunk.

Postcards New year-2019


Funny greetings colleagues with the year of the pig

Colleagues, happy New year!

Let the happy dance

You are surrounded by often

Love, luck, happiness!

The salaries of all huge

Growing and immodest,

The success of indecent

And rest great!


Who puzzo beer,

Let love lives with his wife,

She let him playfully

The pig is calling.


Though the symbol of the year of the Pig

You’re not so much spoiled!

And drunk, good friend,

Housing you don’t burn!

Make your desires in moderation

(Better still decent):

Car, house, career growth

And, of course, cash!

Happy New year partners

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Happy New year, dear partners! I wish this year has presented new opportunities and prospects for prosperity and success. May your homes be happy, in your hearts — love and partnership — stability, trust, honesty, understanding and luck!


Dear partners, heartily congratulate you happy New year. May it bring prosperity in your homes and happiness in your family. Let is booming, and good luck never turns away from you. You peace, prosperity, happiness and luck.

Congratulations to colleagues from different professionsGreetings fellow programmers

May the New year be full of positive information, let email become richer from letters, let all the servers are available, the program is good, codes are cracked, the keys matched. Let the search engine will be set to personal happiness, even in the networks of Your charm confused welcome love and all the hardships will block your antivirus program! A thousand terabytes You inspiration! Happy New year!

Greetings fellow drivers

Happy New year, chief roads! Let the coming year the maps will be clear, the path smooth, the tank full of gasoline, a carburetor with a spark, steering wheel – obedient. So the passengers were pleasant to the eyes shone with joy, brighter headlights on a foggy night, and to love the starter worked without a hitch. Ah Yes, my friend, and the Kama Sutra to you instead of the boring rules of the road in the glove compartment!

Greetings fellow accountants

We wish You a year that is already on the verge to pay moderate taxes, on time and with a first time pass records to a small account and big salary. Let the balance always converges, and the auditors sidestep. Let your love, concern and kindness coming dividend in the form of gifts, smiles and happy moments. Let the risks are justified, the asset – as in gold, the liabilities – Sables! Happy New year!

Greetings fellow builders

In New year we wish gingerbread houses, air castles and other fairytale buildings! So had to do a major overhaul of the family vehicle, and the current cost of small fright. That restoration was not required to have feelings, so the mother-in-law was an investor, and father-in-law – contractor. To a solution of love has not been thickened in the cold of ridiculous quarrels, and the bricks good luck gently evolved into a stunning design!

Greetings fellow doctors

Less patients and higher salaries for health was sent to the house! More patience, luck, jam, that went past all the hardships and friction! So feelings are not required for diagnosis, children, prevention, and patient confidentiality and the Hippocratic oath has been sitting on the farthest shelf in the closet! Happy New year!

Congratulations to his colleagues the police

We wish next year, smooth roads, of order in society, rights without violations, chivalry fabulous, fortune smiling, the holidays without the hazards of love sincere and friendly shoulder iron! Happy New year!