Tournament organizers apologized to the Belarusian team.
The organizers of the hockey game was embarrassing, confusing “Pesnyary” with anthem / Screenshot – Youtube – NOUGATINE TV

The organizers of the hockey tournament in Norway was wrong, and before the match the hosts with the Belarusian team is the national anthem of Belarus included the song famous Belarusian BAND “Pesnyary”.

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As reported TUT.BY above the rink was made known hit “Kas Yas konyushinu”. Norwegian fans decided that it is indeed the national anthem of Belarus, in a sign of respect he stood up and listened to the song a standing ovation.

The match ended with the score 6:1 in favor of Norway.

In the Federation of hockey of Belarus, told journalists that the organizers of the tournament, apologized to the Belarusian team.

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