Basketball players of “Dnepr” has interrupted a victorious series of Kharkov “Polytechnic”

KIEV. 24 Dec. UNN. In the home game against Kharkiv basketball Superleague “Polytechnic”, the players “Dnepr” won the 10 win of the season, reports UNN citing the website of the Dnieper.

First legionary Kharkiv Graham and his partners showed a very athletic basketball with a large number of shots from the perimeter and pressure the paint. Such was the first half of the match. Roman Kozlov shot Dnipro from behind the arc, Delvon Graham already in 16 minutes, collected a double-double of 13 points and 11 rebounds. Cromer and did not depart from its partners and shipped to the ring of the hosts 10 points and made 8 assists.

After the break, the situation has turned 180 degrees. Dnipro grabbed the opponent’s defense, not allowing to turn around neither Graham nor Kozlov or Cromer (38 versus 17 points in the first and second halves of matches in the top three). Aggressive defense gave the opportunity to run in fast breaks and score easy points. Fesenko just swept their opponents in the paint, Mishula scored and gave assists, Sizov quietly scored 15 points.

5 seconds before the end of the third quarter of the Dnieper river after the penalty Sizov for the first time in the match took the lead and never was behind in the score — 83:68.

The most productive player of the match was Delvon Graham, who scored 21 points. Dnipro have 19 points in their asset recorded Olexandr Mishula.

Note that the club with 10 wins and 5 defeats occupy second place in the table and “Polytechnic” has suffered the first defeat after three consecutive victories — the 6th place.