Designer Michael young has spent six years on what he called “mad science project”. It was an attempt to create an intermediate link between the classical hammer and gostelecom. The device was designed to combine the function of charging and filing of the nails under the blow, but it work only by muscular power and be operated with one hand.

Your goal designer reached 99%, he invented, tested and brought the technology to the emergence of a workable prototype. However, despite the significant interest, the implementation of full-fledged products in the metal, not only in the form of a plastic 3D model, did not take place. Zero demand from commercial entities are unwilling to invest in a questionable product.

Automatic hammer Yang uses the same clips nails, and construction gvozdimye. The pommel of the hammer is divided into three parts: the impact surface, the feed mechanism of nails and system of release of one of them. On the side of the hammer there is a button fuse if you turn the instrument flatwise and hit the top of the nail holder moves to the camera output. Fairly light with a shot that he flew and embedded itself in the tree, and then it is possible to hammer in the usual way. All manipulations are carried out with one hand.

Even the prototype, which consists of parts from a 3D printer, successfully recharged and nails. All moving parts are located far away from the hands and the risk of injury is minimal. About the cost of a self-loading hammer can not speak – Michael young due to lack of demand abandoned the project and returned to racing cars. But the commercials with the work of his wonder-tool of interest to the Internet.

Source — Michael Young