Australia are preparing to make a “clean” Facebook and Google for online advertisingPhoto:

The Australian Supervisory authorities require a more strict control over the Internet corporations

10.12.18 73000

The Australian government will examine the statistics of news on the Internet and online advertising due to the dominance of Facebook and Google in this market. This publication reports the DW.

In particular, it is planned to create a new regulatory authority that will validate the dominant role of American companies in matters of online advertising.

“In this regard, the government intends to create a new regulatory body that would check the dominant role of the us tech giants in the online advertising and market news. Additional validation is needed in order to ensure that advertisers are being treated fairly and sharing of news possible without difficulties,” – said in a statement to the Australian Commission on consumer protection (ACCC) published on Monday.

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Comments from Facebook and Google is not yet available, however, both corporations said that the fight with the fake news. The head of the ACCC Rod Sims has also said that currently the Agency is conducting five investigations. What companies included in the investigation, Simms does not have, however, expressed the view that the five tests is “really a lot”.

Order the ACCC to release a statement on this question was given by the Australian government. The reason for these actions was a growing concern about the future of journalism and quality news in light of job cuts in the number of revisions and reduced profitability throughout the industry.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the PACE Ukrainian delegation raised the issue before a representative of Facebook about the spread of Russian bothersome lies in social networks and intentional blocking of Ukrainian users.