Most people have rudimentary knowledge about their own anatomy, but not like to know what’s in them. Especially if it will cost without cuts and blood in a game format. This idea implements a startup Virtuali-Tee, and using the technology of augmented and virtual reality.

To “look within”, you’ll need two things – branded t-shirt Virtuali-Tee and was developed by company app Curiscope. Clothing bears a QR label, which will be located opposite the internal organs, if Mike matched in size. The system is passive, in reality, she doesn’t measure, and only simulates the penetration in the human body.

If you hover the smartphone’s camera to the markers on the shirt, the app will draw instead on the screen of the gadget, the averaged image of the internal organs. Augmented reality allows you to see the beating heart and lungs during the operation, etc. it Looks like anonymous picture from a children’s Atlas, an analogue of what this product is. It is designed to entertain and educate students, but not for serious problems.

Since Hobbies Pokemon Go the developers of virtual and augmented reality realized that success awaits those who mass produces and obviously not serious, but exciting product. Complex systems with realistic graphics and accurate data transfer is not as popular as the most simple, but exciting toys. Although, of course, will come and time when people get used to augmented reality so that you begin to take its potential seriously.

Source — Curiscope