KIEV. 17 APR. UNN. Today, under the walls of the building, where the news Agency UNN, was unexpected and exciting promotion.

The Agency was pleasantly surprised how the group of concerned citizens met them with music – on Khreschatyk in honor of UNN for two hours sounded songs Kuzma, Brutto and other groups. The creative team of the Agency expresses its gratitude to all who have sacrificed their working day for performances.

Pleasant results of the action had not long to wait: during the performance visit the website UNN increased on average by 15%, the readability of news has increased by 8%, the number of citations of news has increased on average by 18%. And it’s only two hours! I would have stood indifferent participants of the rally under the walls of the UNN even slightly, the results probably would have been even more impressive.

In light of this success UNN expresses special thanks to the sponsor of the action – the person who has not regretted money for the promotion and advancement of the national information Agency of such a very unconventional way. At the memory of the Agency’s current action have a few pictures of the curators of the event and videos of the distribution of money to participants of the show. Personally with the customer, we still failed to meet, but we love to, if possible, will Express his gratitude in person. So if You know anything about the life and activities of the PR genius of our time, call or write to us. The country must know its heroes.

Donuts in gratitude, we have prepared! 🙂