The guards explained the refusal by saying that Ildar Tagirov was unable to confirm the purpose of stay in Ukraine. However, the organizers of the presentation, which was part of the dancer assure that all the necessary documents to confirm the purpose of the trip was collected in advance.
The gpsu has not missed the Russian dancer Ildar Tagirov / photo

At the airport “Odessa” the guards did not let in Ukraine, the famous Russian actor and dancer Ildar Tagirov, who planned to participate in the premiere performance of “Dialogues” (DIALOGY).

About this UNIAN was reported by the organizers – participants of the theatre team U! Zahvati (Kiev).

According to the representative of the team, 23-year-old Tagirov had to play the main role in the play-the boardwalk DIALOGY, the project was prepared with the support of the Ukrainian cultural Fund. Premiere of this production was planned in Odessa on 1 and 2 December.

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He noted that the actor was flying a plane from Minsk international free port “Odessa” it passed through the state border of Ukraine.

“As it became known to the team U! Zahvati, December 1, at about 16.00, Ildar Tagirov has not started in Odessa on the grounds that in official documents the fact that “he could not confirm the purpose of stay in Ukraine”, – said the representative of the theatre team.

He claims that all the necessary documents to confirm the purpose of travel of the actor in Odessa have been collected in advance. In addition, in open sources – many announcements of the above representation.

In particular, as said the head of the U! Zahvati Alexander Stuzhuk, the relevant documents were provided to the border guards, who “ignored the evidence and thus created problems for the cultural project”.

“Last month we spent in rehearsals and performances in Kiev with Ildar Tagirov, and now, because of the unwillingness of the bureaucratic system to see in the face of Ildar human world and culture, has received a unpleasant situation”, – said Stuzhuk.

Tagirov is a citizen of Russia, but as focuses Stuzhuk, actively engaged in public creative activity mainly in Europe, and its participation in the performance in Odessa was planned more than a year ago.

Today the premiere of the submission of the DIALOGY in Odessa Tagirov will replace the stand-in Nikita Kravchenko (Kiev).

Tagirov is the winner of the project “everybody Dance” on STB TV-channel in 2012, winner of the Grand Prix world-famous competition VKIBC (Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition) and Italian Spoleto International Ballet Competition. He was the owner of gold medals of the most prestigious international contests of ballet artists in the category of Contemporary dance in the United States, Italy, Belarus.