Imagine clothes that can warm or cool — depending on what you need in this moment. This is not just convenient but also better for the environment. If you do a good warm own body, then there is no need to spend extra energy on heating or cooling.

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a material that controls how much heat is lost depending on how it is worn. Researchers claim that it can be used in wearable electronics or clothing that can regulate body temperature.

The new material consists of layers of polyethylene, carbon and copper. If, for example, you need to be cool, then layer with carbon coating needs to be outside — it will help heat transfer. And to keep warm – the outside should be a layer of copper, keeping heat. The material expands the comfortable temperature range around 6.5 °C.

It will take some time until this heat sandwich will find its way to the market. However, it is a good example of how innovative development be the solution to our energy problems.