Astronomers showed “snow lake” on Mars

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KIEV. 20 Dec. UNN. The probe Mars Express orbit of Mars made incredible pictures of the crater of the Queen, filled with a huge number of frozen water. Pictures unveiled the European space Agency, reports UNN.

A crater with a length of 82 kilometres, is located in the vicinity of the Arctic circle of Mars. It is filled with a huge amount of ice, the thickness of which in cold seasons is about 1.8 km from the water reserves, in the opinion of the astronomer are stored there due to the large temperature difference between the cold bottom of the crater of the Queen and the warmer rocks on the surface.

The crater is named in honor of the chief of rocket scientists and designer of space ships Sergei Korolev, who is considered the father of the Soviet space technology.

As reported UNN, NASA unveiled a sensational record — now everyone can hear the noise of the wind on Mars.