Luxury cars, set out to conquer the undersea world — to this end, Aston Martin has launched “Project Neptune”. In tandem with the company Triton Submarines, which specializiruetsya on small submarines, he intends to develop a new vehicle. The combination of a sports car, rescue capsule to the submarine, the focus of high-tech and luxury.

The main “Neptune” is not a technical solution or operational characteristics, and idea. The basis will take one of the three standard platforms Triton Submarines, the lion’s share of the effort at this stage is aimed at designing unusual apparatus. A conceptual sketch draws a transparent cockpit bubble with wings-rudders and stern compartment, which hides the engine.

This design is a compromise between the wishes of the designers from the car industry and the requirements of the engineer-divers. The cabin has an overview of almost 360 degrees and due to the round shape resists the pressure of the medium. It can accommodate three passengers, and they will be what is called in the center of events – all other equipment is shifted backward and sideways. The buyer of the submarine needs to feel the “Lord of the seas”, hinted at in Aston Martin.

“We used the forms and proportions which Express the same devotion to design, technology, and beauty that defines the shape of our cars,” says Vice-President of the company Marek Reichman. “Project Neptune” is an exclusive and strictly limited offer, naturally not cheap. And still no word about when we can expect to see at least a prototype “supersubmarina”.

Source — Aston Martin