Information about corruption schemes of the leadership of the football Federation of Ukraine confirmed hackers posted the email archive of the General Secretary of football Federation of Ukraine Yuri Zapisannogo

This was stated by the TV channel NewsOne, the head of the PR Department of the company Underdog The UnLawyers Irina Kovalchuk.

“Corruption schemes on assignment of credit funds, the UEFA for the sum about 700 thousand dollars is confirmed by the correspondence contained in the email archive of the General Secretary of football Federation of Ukraine Yuri Zapisannogo.

From the correspondence it follows that has the money settled in offshore “gasket” from UAE, which is specially included in the chain of purchase of equipment for the factory FFU for the production of artificial turf. The authenticity of the archives of emails to set any person with a laptop or computer for e-mail source as a result of simple manipulations within 10 minutes.”

Expert on PR noted that the IP address check shows: listed in the “plum” email address Zapisannogo really belongs to the mail server of FFU, and his letters to the respondents, Olga Levenko sent by the server Moris Group.

“To see the IP of the sender of the email, you must access its source data and one to retrieve the IP-schnick. Then through the magic of Google and well-known website check who owns the IP address (the host on which the registered mail, the city and the name of the ISP of the sender).

This simple test allows us to establish that, for example, e-mail address (General Secretary of FFU Youri Zapesotsky) belongs to the mail server of FFU, and letters from Levenko Olga Alexandrovna ( – about a miracle sent from the server Moris Group”, – said Kovalchuk.

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine is investigating possible corruption in the construction of football fields with artificial turf, which bought for the budget money, the plant, built by the football Federation of Ukraine. According to sources “Ukrainian truth”, the materials of the investigation it appears the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko.

The journalists of the program “Nashi Groshi s Denis Bhusan” found that factory FFU for the production of artificial turf for football fields receives government contracts from using discriminatory requirements in the tender documents. The coating produced in this factory, is more expensive than other European manufacturers, – €16-18 vs. EUR 12-14 per m2. Thus, the pitch for mini-football will cost at least €1900 more expensive, and these fields in Ukraine it is planned to build about 300.

To create a production and raw materials “FFU Production” began only after the draft law on allocation of UAH 250 million on a football field passed the budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, which is chaired by the MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko, the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko, noted in the investigation.

The cancellation by the Ministry of discriminatory requirements five months later will not change the situation, as all 15 of the tenders already held subject to the previous conditions, says the publication.

May 11, the National Agency for prevention of corruption announced that it will check the Declaration Pavelko for 2015-2017. This is due to the program of construction of football fields in Ukraine.