The success of APU in the Donbass dramatically changed the perception of this war for the so-called “militias” DNR/LNR”.

According to Ukrainian blogger Anti-colorados, on change occurring in 2014, the perception of fighting as the “Safari” came to fear and disappointment that they got involved in this massacre, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The militants of the Russian Federation and the traitors of Ukraine no longer have the same Holy faith in the Russian Voentorg and in their own invincibility.

APU for the shortest time were able to learn how to fight so that the word “volunteer” and “suicide” have become synonymous.

“The editorial Board regularly receives news from ours, in the occupied part of Donbass. Some of the materials we publish in full, some partially, but most of our correspondents are requested not to use their information immediately and to issue either in the mode of “explanation”, or simply asked to take note of all.

Most people share their own observations and talk about what they heard from so-called “popolani”, “novososov” or “medonosov”, as they call themselves and we call them members of terrorist groups. And now, a year and a half ago, we began to note a gradual change in the rhetoric of these characters. At first it was a mild trend, like “white noise” or statistical error, but later it began to appear more and more clearly and now they sound a refrain.

The fact that these figures quickly evaporates the vivacity and cheerfulness, and often with life. If in the past this courage was based on the fact that behind them is “Voentorg”, and before them – a poor, naked and barefoot army. But the situation began to change, and now they understand it clearly and say it without reserve. Moreover, they say it is not for us and not for us, but between themselves, but in the presence of our correspondents.

Today the Internet we found the intercept just such a conversation. There it outright, and a voice says “garlic” someone like photoclinic – populance. Talks about what has become their enemy and what are the sad consequences of these changes reach already to each populance, which has brought on the “front”.

Because at the moment in the Donbas is a classic positional warfare. That is, the opposing forces are maneuvering and not stand still. It gives some shape to such military action. But the main thing here is that the opponents have some idea the location of the lines of defense of each other, and in principle, this is bad, because standing still, you will definitely suffer losses from enemy fire. Hence the tactics of this war, the well-established since the First World War.

Opponents of mining the approaches to their positions, and there – hiding behind different kind of fortifications. To defeat the enemy for such structures, it is necessary to spend a lot of heavy ammunition, small arms because there is almost no use. Is that the sniper may be someone to watch for, but a substantial and significant losses cause a hard time.

Moreover, the nature of this war dictates another condition. You can fire down on any particular goal, but if the problem was in the destruction of manpower of the opponent, you should at least know that at this time and in this place is the very living force.

That is why the gunners try not to linger on the spot after opening fire. Opening fire, they showed the enemy that it is in this place right now is to shoot someone. So they practice some volleys and change of position, because this place definitely coming back “hi” opponent.

But the situation began to change rapidly as the APU came to the conduct of this war creatively, and laid out the situation for small components, and they began to seek and find effective solutions.

So, the enemy ceased to boast of its overwhelming superiority in EW. Our military overtook the enemy, because they receive modern equipment from partners, and more importantly – use the critical elements of the partners already own in EW systems and as a result we have already heard hundreds of interceptions of conversations of militants in their closed channels.

This is just a small demonstration of the power equipment. In fact, the main goal is to identify pockets of enemy activity at the right moment to crush him the link. In addition, our drones are not just present on the battlefield, and from the words of the enemy, they just constantly hang in the air and bring artillery on the targets that are worth hitting: technique, storage of the BK or place of concentration of personnel.

But it is not enough to find a gopher hole, you have to have water to wash it probably. And then the enemy the greatest disorder. They’re terrified of the dynamics of saturation of the front edge of the Mat ATRA. In fact, this is an extremely high-precision weapons are, by definition, have greater penetrating ability. It is understandable, if a rocket burns through layered armor, then in any dugout she’ll do such a good morning that even though tea is not drink. As evidenced by popolini, already scared to look out the embrasure, as very likely it might be like that TV show: “smile, you’re on candid camera”.

It is certainly possible to listen to tales about the superiority of Russian weapons and their bottomlessness “px”, but when you are blinking to the morgue, these arguments are somehow not encouraging, because reality has already forced you to make up your own brains.

So, in recent times, the sadness of the current situation and bad expectations from the ongoing changes in APU is almost the main theme of the kitchen conversations “popolani,” and to him comes the understanding that every day they are getting closer to the ground,” writes the blogger.

We will remind, it became known about powerful success forces OOS near Gorlovka.

There is also excitement because of the new symbols of combat brigades APU.