In the past the famous Russian singer Alena Apina believes 66-year-old President of the usurper Vladimir Putin as a sex symbol of Russia.

The social network shocked by the loud statement of Epinoy, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Russian singer Apina once again “stepped in it” in the scandal. In an interview with journalist Jeanne Nemcova she sang odes to the usurper Putin and beyond.

This is the most vivid erotic dream for the women of our country. I also have a handful of times when he dreamed of me in some very bold images, “said the singer. She believes that for many Russians Putin is “attractive” in erotic terms.

Even the Russians laugh at the statement of Epinoy. Old undersized Putin, in their deep conviction, do not pull on the “sex symbol”.

“Only middle-aged women and uporotyh such as Apina, can see in old, small, bald squalor, alpha male… They tend to exaggerate these postliminii ladies” – firmly say commentators.

“It is a phallic symbol of Russia”, – remember in a Network known to the world Kharkiv ultras chant about Putin.

“ALENA APINA HAS THE RIGHT TO LOVE PUTIN!!! Perverts are people too,” the fun of the singer.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that Putin has become the laughing stock of social networks because of the video where he is using the stool to climb the horse.