Chain stores have already responded to the incident, promising “not to leave it without special attention”.
REUTERSУкраинцев enraged song about the strong Russian President Vladimir Putin in one of the Odessa store.

Video from an anonymous inhabitant of Odessa has posted on his page in Facebook activist Sergey Sternenko.

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“It’s COMFY chain stores. Employees of the store, on the street Srednefontanskoy in Odessa, has decided that buyers would be very appropriate to include the song “Go hard like vladimir putin” in honor of the king of the country, the gas station. Apparently, these small minded people want to see in Odessa Russian tanks or terrorists like Givi and Motorola”, – he wrote.

“They would have the anthem of the aggressor included or instead of a sign pinned tricolor with chicken,” added Sternenko.

Chain stores have reacted by promising “not to leave it without special attention”.

However, social network users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the incident:

– “Never go for other reasons, but it’s also a good reason”;

– “The fish rots from the head”;

– “How to deal with these separatist dances on the bones of our defenders? Will be fine and dismissal or “great concern?”;

– “Impunity generates permissiveness. If you end up only talking and jerking with a finger, next time your workers satisfied is that even dismissal is not enough.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, the minibus taxi driver “Odessa Bolgrad” don’t want to carry on concessional terms ATO members and insulting them with the words: “Freeloader where you ID buy?”.