Photos Anna Kournikova showed themselves pregnantwith No taboos

Wife Enrique Iglesias tired of talking about surrogacy

07.05.18 40000

In December last year, the family of the famous Russian ex-tennis player Anna Kournikova and the equally famous Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias had twins Nicholas and Lucy.

However, Anna did not advertise her pregnancy. This is spawned in the media a lot of speculation that children born of a surrogate mother.

According to Spain-Russian, Mother of Enrique Iglesias, Isabel Preysler called it “silly nonsense. In turn, Julio Jose Iglesias brother, Enrique, has denied the rumors and stated that he personally saw Anna in position. According to Julio Jose, she deliberately resorted to various tricks in order not to expose the pregnancy to the public.

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But the tabloids has been unstoppable. To prevent these conversations, she has published in Instagram photo, where she, being in the 37th week of pregnancy, posing in front of the camera lens.

However, despite the fact that this photo debunks all the myths, there are those who says that it is staged, as the belly of Anna is too small for this pregnancy.

We will remind, the Chinese, 118 adopted children, was arrested for fraud. It turned out that in 2011, Li Lijuan opened a private children’s home “Village of love” in the Guan with (Hebei province). But, she didn’t register it at the local Department of civil Affairs and received a subsidy for the maintenance of children.

In the end, the orphanage will close, and 74 children screened in the hospital. Subsequently, they will be placed in state orphanages. Orphans will also take fingerprints and blood samples, to bring their information to the registry of missing children. Some of them might be waiting for their real parents.