Live Animals were treated krashanki in Kharkov zoovideo Screenshot

Treat received the green monkey, Fox, ferret, hedgehog and crow

08.04.18 203100

Animals of the Kharkiv zoo were treated to krashanki in honor of Easter.

The corresponding video published on the website of the zoo.

Treat received the green monkey, Fox, polecat, hedgehogs and crow.

“This year for Easter we decided to introduce a new tradition in order to diversify the everyday life of our Pets. For the holiday we prepared for them a special treat – krashanki. Such a festive treat to get green monkeys, foxes, ferrets, hedgehogs, crow. Boiled eggs included in their usual diet,” the report said.

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Eggs, painted in green, blue, yellow, red colors, immediately attracted the attention of animals and has aroused much interest.

“The crow immediately took the egg and hid it. So did one of the foxes. But the other animals, considered a treat, began to feast on delicious food, cleaning the shell, or directly to her. The patient turned out to be monkeys – they cleaned krashanki, and the process was perceived as a fun game in which they enjoyed a delicious prize,” – said in a zoo.