“Did the man mean, I suffer, cry “That bastard!”, – open up the singer.
Instagram Ani Moraxella Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak admitted that he no longer lets into his life people who might break it.

She told about it in interview to the magazine “Caravan of stories”, reports “Apostrophe”.

According to Carolina, a person can have nothing and still be happy. “It (happiness – ed) – inside. Us to decide whether to rejoice or to suffer,” she said. “I want to be happy!”, – said to myself one day. And now the world has changed. I don’t let it anyone or anything that can break. Leave only positive emotions and the right people – those with me on the same wavelength. We can not tolerate that which destroys!”, – said the singer.

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“We should not cling to events, people, relationships. If a man loves a woman, he appreciates her and understands. If not – then it is definitely not about love. But then why? We came to Earth to be happy. Point”, – said the artist.

Ani Lorak believes that forgiveness is necessary. “Three words that I address to those who hurt me: “Go. Forgive. Thank you,” said the singer. “For example, people hurt you. Whether by accident or on purpose. I will let him go. And forgive. After all even God forgives us. So what right have we mortals to do otherwise? All the negative, difficult, terrible life – for good”, – says the singer.

“Did the man mean, I suffer, I cry “That bastard!”, and then thank understanding: no endured the test would not have come award would not change, would not have assumed the necessary experience,” said Caroline.

As reported the UNIAN, at the disposal of the media got a lawsuit Ani Lorak in the court for divorce. The court will be held on December 24.