Andriy Pavelko. Photo:

The President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko commented on the massive manhunt for the organizers of match-fixing, which the interior Ministry is considering 57 episodes with the participation of 328 people.

“The operation to combat match – fixing-investigation is unprecedented in the history of Ukrainian football.

Ukrainian football needs to be cleaned from corruption and match-fixing. This is before it turned closed eyes, now it will not.

In 2015, we knew that the number of such matches going through the roof, and the penalty was only a fine. It could pay off and close the question.

Law enforcement agencies could not be used due to missing of such actions under the Criminal code of Ukraine. But we passed a law “On fight against corruption and match-fixing”.

We conducted this operation for a long time, but couldn’t divulge so as not to startle. This is only the first step, we continue to work.

Thank the police for assistance, because there was no leakage of information. Thanks to the FFU Committee for ethics and fair play and its Chairman, Francesco the steering wheel, as well as the Committee of arbitrators, who took the open assistance in the investigation.

There are already first results and information on the teams and referees. Saw comments of journalists on the evaluation of engagement. I agree that the degree of teams were different. It is difficult to assess the responsibility of the clubs, later will be a separate investigation, the results of which we will give in CACHE, and the FTC’s decision.

The process is already out in the public plane, we see the first names, but each rate separately and consider the punishment. It may not be equal for all.”