In the record of Anna Banshikova — more than 80 roles in feature films and television projects. And it is the latter which brought her the greatest fame. One of the most successful series involving Bandicoot — “the Seeker”, where she played the role of police Lieutenant Colonel Alexandra Kushnir. In an interview with RT, the actress told how her role helps in communicating with representatives of law enforcement bodies, and also shared his impressions of the shoot in uncomfortable conditions and communicating with fans in social networks.

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— Since we met just a half hour before your performance in the theatre “Sovremennik”, please tell us at what point you managed to take control of the excitement before going on stage, which surely was present at the beginning of your career?

— At some point you have to start to deal with it. With excitement it is impossible to go on stage — this should be done in complete peace. Only then will something human. And I probably struggled for some time. But still, perhaps more exciting however, is much less.

And that excitement then turns into pleasure? Maybe after it occurs euphoria?

— I thought about it. But each time the excitement as the exam. You still have some way to enable it. And all this is done differently — there are no secrets.

Sometimes you are prepared and think, “well, today would be a great show. I’m so chipper!” But something is happening. Is that you, in some horrible condition completely, tired after a night shift, I think: “my God, how am I artist to work with?!” And the output — the other way around. Unpredictable, really, thing.

— Now in Moscow filmed the TV series “Desperate,” in which you participate. Tell us about your character.

— I play a tough woman. Her name was Rita. She’s very positive, not discouraged under any circumstances, loves life. And, perhaps, the feeling is mutual — despite some of its complex twists and turns.

This is the story of two diametrically different women who, because of circumstances find themselves together. These women are in motion, they run away from certain circumstances, be saved. So much action.

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And one thing you learn from your characters? Creating them and giving some as you in the end, maybe something they learn?

— Sometimes, what you at some point start a little chat as they. For example, this is Rita all the time some interjections talking. Well, so she skips her certain words. And then sometimes you come home and notice that you are also starting to slip more than usual.

— Actors who had to play the representatives of the criminal world, told me that then stayed near them tinted jeeps and staying in them people expressed their respect, so to speak. Have you received similar feedback?

— Yes, of course. I have been such a good series “Zhukov”. I played the wife of Zhukov. They say police like!

After this role I was someone tried to stop, but another COP said, “don’t touch, it is necessary to give honor to the wife Zhukov goes.”

Therefore, it is possible to break sometimes. I’m kidding, but… Maybe not to destroy, but sometimes to get some leniency at least.

I’m like the Colonel (Banshchikova is referring to his role in the TV series “the Seeker.” — RT). Remember how in Gelendzhik lost his passport and came to do a new one. I go to the police station, which appeared in the TV series. Colonel Kushnir after serving in the Gelendzhik police. Come, and it will immediately start calling someone: “we come To our chief Kushnir”. All lined up…

Made quickly?

— Even instantly. And it was funny that they took it like they do their boss came in.

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Your Instagram is absolutely amazing. He is very bright…

— Yeah, you know. They say that is not at all so! But what I read… I write such lovely things! Some amenities. There is not one negative opinion.

— What opinion do you remember the most?

— What I charge people at a distance. That people look at me and rejoice.

Me some video mounted incredible and every day sent, make me happy. Some find pictures, think of something that is infinitely surprising.

I read, answer. Are in active communication with them. The people involved in my work life, and I very much support. This is very important, however.

— Again in his Instagram some time ago you posted a video from the shooting of the new series. There you stand at the machine, there is an explosion and you fall to the ground. How difficult is it to act in these scenes?

In this movie, we quite often fall down, and crawl, and climb through forests, obstacles different all the time to overcome, kill people… And truckers are some wild feature scenes.

Well, difficult or not difficult — I don’t know. If you’re interested — nothing difficult. It’s hard when uninteresting and when you do not want to do it. And when I wonder, are you involved in this, everything becomes a joy, everything.

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— How do you feel about uncomfortable locations? Here we visited the filming of your new show in place, where applicable, the word “comfort”…

— What can be a comfort when the night shift, when it is so cold but we will posnimaem?

We have in the story now fall in early. So we are almost naked, with bare legs and some summer things go. And it’s very cold outside — “behind the scenes” already it may snow. It’s all uncomfortable, but nobody said it would be comfortable!

It doesn’t scare me. This is part of the horror of the profession, as they say. We got used to it. I during filming, and barefoot in the snow ran, and drowned in ice water, and the helicopter jumped… And now in the woods, in the rain, cold and hail.

— A helicopter is not a stunt jump?

In “the Hunt for piranha” we jumped from the helicopter, with five meters. Well, sometimes you have some things to overcome to get something.

— What would you never went for the role? Maybe would not have eyebrows shaved or bald haircut?

— If there was a cool script, good Director and interesting idea, I would do it. I don’t hold no eyebrows, no hair. On the contrary, are in favour of such experiments with the changes. Don’t like to play some of the same people.

— I would like to do with you blitz. I will ask a few short questions. First: the most often used the word parasite.

— “How to”, I guess. A stupid word.

— Your first role in a kindergarten or in a school play?

I do not know. Remember, I was a snowflake. I some time, two years, studied ballet at the Palace of pioneers. As I was taken — is unclear. Through connections, I guess. I had a pack, I was a snowflake. Danced in any children’s ballet…

  • © Still from the series “Secrets of the investigation-6”, 2006

— What you have will cause greater discomfort — unwashed hair or cracked nails?

— Unwashed hair. And the manicure is now fashionable to wear cracked. By the way, I now play this Rita, she and the entire film is in motion — they began to flee. So I walk with tattered manicure now. But all say: “Now so fashionable.”

— Who was your last message in WhatsApp or any other messenger?

— From my Director.

But you often write?

— No, they don’t have phones. They, thank God, they have not yet asked. I somehow pulled this point… So I don’t write. I call grandma or dad using them with children to talk.

— Do you have any children’s fear?

— A lot of some of my fears, I guess. Loneliness — what are you all going to leave, leave. Will disappear and you will be alone.

Remember, I’m always afraid, like all children, perhaps — what mother would not. I have some things were.

— Now, if it comes, what are you doing? Going to hug children?

— Now, perhaps, not such happens. Now, sometimes, Wake up in the morning from the fact that I’m scared that I something did not, did not. Don’t know, baby it’s fear or an adult — it’s not enough.

— Do you have any ritual before filming?

— Yes, there is such a ritual. When you sit in the make-up, you just turn on, turn into a artist.

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