While the Ukrainian Central election Commission summarizes final results of the presidential election, a victory which, according to preliminary data, goes to Vladimir Zelensky, the public’s attention in Ukraine and Russia switched to the new first lady. With her future husband, she studied in parallel classes, and later wrote scripts for the KVN team of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. Elena Zelensky prefer classic style in clothes than look like the wife of Donald trump Melania, say the designers. Thus, according to them, she’s not interested in a luxurious lifestyle and glamorous events.

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While the Ukrainian Central election Commission sums up the results of the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine and Russia are actively discussing the future first lady Elena Zelensky.

According to the Ukrainian Central election Commission, after processing 99.03% of the protocols Vladimir Zelensky received more than 73,22% of the vote against 24,46% of current President Petro Poroshenko.

On the potential new first lady of Ukraine known not many know her primarily as one of the authors of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, founded in the early 2000-ies Zelensky and his colleagues on the same creative team of KVN. Elena and Vladimir are married since 2003.

After the official announcement of the second round of the presidential elections and the subsequent inauguration of her husband, Elena Zelensky will become the youngest first lady in history — she was only 41 years old. From its predecessors it features not only the age but also the approach to your own style. Designer Andrey Tishchenko, who worked at the Vladimir Zelensky and familiar with his wife, told RT that Elena prefers a more “classic” images, in contrast to, for example, from the wife of Peter Poroshenko.

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“Lena loves all very reserved, very modest, tasteful. She loves, of course, more classics, than in the clothes of some national symbols as, say, the likes of Maryna Poroshenko. It all is decorated with taste,” — said the designer. She Zelensky, however, in an interview with Ukrainian media have admitted that a couple of years ago succumbed to fashion, and her wardrobe still has a few embroidery.

Tishchenko added that from the point of view of the approach to the clothes Elena is more like the wife of the leader of the United States Donald trump is Melania. As first lady of the United States, Zelensky often appears in public in designed in the same style suits. The designer is confident that it will easily cope with the role of the wife of the President.

“Elena’s whole life was acting as first lady. And I always say: “Vova! You have a wife really like the first lady: Mature, tasteful”. She is a very energetically powerful people. And even when Vladimir many shots, she always comes to shooting, they are a bit “you can say Goodnight,” and she leaves. She always support it”, — said Ukrainian designer.

Went to the same school


Elena Zelensky, nee Kiyashko, was born in the city of Krivoy Rog Dnepropetrovsk region in 1978. Although Kiyashko, and Zelensky studied in parallel classes of high school №95 in Krivoy Rog, they met after graduation when enrolled in different universities of his native city.

Education Elena was a specialist in the field of construction, at the time she graduated from Krivoy Rog technical University. To work in this field of the future first lady never had — she has built a career in show business and is known primarily as the writer, Studio “Kvartal 95”. Prior to that, she wrote the script for the eponymous team of KVN, which consisted and Vladimir Zelensky.

Vladimir eight years waiting for the right moment to make Elena an offer. Later he told reporters that he wanted to build a career and then have children, so he was able to devote sufficient time to their education. Now the couple are raising 14-year-old Alexander and 6-year-old son Kirill.


According to the tax return of Vladimir Zelensky and his wife is the owner of 0.01% of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. It also owns 25% of the company for the manufacture of canned fish, OOO “Selari fish”.

Elena Zelensky owns two apartments in Kyiv and Crimea with a total area 413,8 sq m, and two non-residential premises in Kiev with a total area 643,7 sq. m. in addition, Elena and Vladimir are renting an apartment in the UK.

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In the list of expensive property, decorated to Elena Zelensky, also listed Mercedes S 500 4Matic. In the Declaration of Vladimir Zelensky were made and valuable jewelry belonging to his wife, including Breguet watches and Piaget, as well as jewelry with diamonds Graff.

At the same time, Elena Zelenskaya, apparently, not interesting emphasized luxury lifestyle and glamorous events. This, in particular, says Ukrainian designer Alexander Vasilyev.

“She’s not coming out as often as we would have liked: she leads a rather secluded life and comes to light only with Vladimir paired — said the designer in an interview with RT. — In Kiev about her say that she is very reserved, she doesn’t like people. So if it comes to light, it is only with Vladimir, for example, at premieres movies”.