Vladimir Shepelev. Photo: fcdynamo.kiev.ua

The former player of FC Chornomorets 1980-90 Alexander Nikiforov commented on the events of the starting round of the championship of Ukraine.

– Last time, by participating in the contest of forecasters, you score points two times more than in the opening round of the season in total with the opponent. What is the explanation for this find?

– It is difficult to find. No one could not assume that most of the matches of the round it will not end the way everyone expected. This is especially true of two games – “Alexandria” – “Olimpik” and “dawn” – “the Steel” in which the hosts surprisingly lost. To predict such outcomes, you will agree, nobody could.

– Which of the results was the most unexpected?

The one that was recorded in Alexandria. I never expected that the team of Vladimir Sharan will play so poorly. Because in the summer it is not only strengthened, but also had a very productive day at the training camp, playing with strong sparring partners.

Unfortunately, in the game ahead of Alexandrians does it wasn’t working. The composition was not a man who is able to take the game in passing, to improvise. The game was played without raisins, it was not creative. Too all the “Alexandria” is programmed.

– The Central match of the tour, which met two representatives in the Europa League – “Alexandria” – “Olimpik” leave some food for thought?

– Game of the Alexandrian team in anticipation of start in the European Cup tournament is alarming. Judging by the match with Olimpik, it is unclear how can “Alexandria” to create the dangerous moments at gate of the contender, not to mention their implementation. But maybe it’s for the best that the Alexandrians have lost now, at the start of the new season. Therefore, the Sharan will be the time to shake the team up.

– Will the team of Vladimir Sharan to start in the European Cup tournament to get rid of the syndrome of underestimating the opponent?

– One thing is the championship, and quite another – the Europa League. That underestimation on the part of the Alexandrians at that level, it is unique. How can you talk about some underestimation, if they do only a year ago was taking its first steps in Europe? Then Alexandria withdrew from the competition after the first round, but now, I’m sure she will try to do everything possible to win.

– How could you assess the current willingness of Olympique de Marseille for the season?

– Judging by his first match in the championship, the victory is very positive. But that’s the game of “Olympic” in the spring of last season and opening match of the current is, as we say in Odessa, two big differences. The composition of the team has changed more than half that added hassle of the head coach. Now all thoughts of the Roman Sanzhar surely associated with how to improve the performance, to create efficient collective.

– This summer is even worse on the part of personnel was “Steel”. Her victory over Zorya also lies in the factor of underestimation of the rival?

– I think so. Players Luhansk team clearly underestimated almost new “Steel”. Besides, ahead of “Dawn”, as in “Alexandria”, also nothing happened. No team Yuriya Vernidub forwards who could finish the attack. Summer’s gone, Bonaventure and Kulach and they had problems again. And if we consider the loss of creative wingers – Petryak and gone even in the winter Karavaeva, Luhansk will be very difficult. Do not envy the head coach Yuri Vernidub year, which is certainly one headache: what to effectively replace the departed? The only hope that has filled the team guys will gel and will start to show the inherent “Dawn” game.

– Few could have imagined that amplified the “Carpathians” the Legionnaires will not be able to help this team win in immunocompromised human losses.

– It is hard to answer unambiguously. There’s probably a whole range of reasons. It is possible that the players “burned out” or the team simply was not in the best condition. Admit that the players have not had time to fully understand the requirements of the new coach Sergio Navarro.

Account in Mariupol, where he met yesterday representatives of the first League “Mariupol” and “Veres” at the game?

The hosts looked interesting. In this match they had more chances, do more. Although you should give credit and “Heather” that had a decent resistance. And when you consider that rovenchane summer changed the composition, then draw in Mariupol – not a good result.

– In the match “Dinamo” – “Chernomorets”, the hosts got a deserved win?

– The sailors had left a good impression. They were playing their game, acting defensively and trying to look for a chance in the counterattack. The Dynamo, to be honest, while far from optimal conditions. The game did… Odessa. Mean midfielder of “Dynamo” Shepelev.

The game of “Shakhtar” in Poltava impressed?

– Of course. The miners once again won a landslide victory. It is seen that the level of skills of Shakhtar’s players is higher than the opponent. Yes, and the margin of safety in the Donetsk team. “Vorskla” though, and tried, but to oppose away any serious counterarguments failed. When Mircea Lucescu did the right thing in betting on Latin American players. For many years now thanks to them, the team shows bright and spectacular attacking game. Take today, Brazilians of Shakhtar and her picture will immediately change.

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Ekspress in Ukraine