Fate cruelly cost with 11-year-old Alan Gifford, who comes from a large family from the town of Swansea, South Wales. At age three he suffered a severe heart disease that led to amputation of both hands. However, the parents were in despair and appealed to all who were not indifferent to the fate of their child.

By 2015, they managed to collect 30,000 pounds required to develop and manufacture the first hand-prosthesis for Alan. Later, again thanks to donations, was created and second hand. After that it became known as “the bionic boy”. With the bionic hands, Alan can ride a bike and eat by themselves, deftly driving with Cutlery.

Developed a bionic hand specialists of the company Touch Bionics (G. Livingstone). Prostheses controlled by muscle signals, perform four kinds of grippers, which ensures the fulfilment of many necessary operations. They are not afraid of water, but need daily recharging, which at night they should be removed. Currently, parents are busy looking for funds for a new prosthesis, which the boy will use upon reaching the age of 16.