The scheme AK is a kind of bike (removal of powder gases on the piston, which operates the system of reloading), which is just not worth it to invent, but to improve the spirit of the time, using the most modern technology. This was followed by Israeli arms company of the CAA, creating their version of “Kalashnikov” assault rifle AK-alpha.

At a very rough estimate, there are over 100 million Kalashnikov assault rifles of various modifications and “nationalities”. In dozens of countries (licences and without them) adjusted their production, at 55, he is armed, and five emblazoned on the state coat of arms. Not long ago, the AK-47 began to produce in the United States.

Israeli interest

Israel is considered one of the leaders in the production of small arms. But here the authority of Mikhail Kalashnikov and his AK indisputable. Among Israeli gunsmiths it was referred to as “the genius who created the Mona Lisa in the world of weapons.” In some units of the Israel defense forces still in service consist of the legendary AK. The reason is the same: simplicity, reliability and dependability in the most extreme conditions.

Technical features

As conceived by chief designer Michael Ben Oren, alpha Kalashnikov was to combine the reliability of his illustrious “ancestor” to “posted” items, when the subassemblies spaced apart a considerable distance in such a manner that even if there is a foreign object when firing will not cause failure.

Watching the process of firing, you notice that the barrel of the AK alpha machine remains almost on the spot, which ensures a good accuracy. This was achieved thanks to jet muzzle brake-compensator, which dampens the impact a powerful jet of exhaust gases.


One of the trump cards of the company, the CAA – skilful use of modern materials like special plastics. Their advantages – strength, light weight, insensitivity to corrosion and temperature changes. Lightweight, robust housing was attached Picatinny rail, literally clinging to the forearm with four sides designed for a whole range of attachments.


Kalashnikov alpha is equipped with a telescopic folding buttstock-transformer with adjustable stop for cheeks. The weapon is adapted for either hand with oboudostoronne arm recharge. In turn comfortable shooting guarantee removable ergonomic pads to the pistol grip.

Israeli AK Alfa was presented last autumn in Moscow at the exhibition Arms & Hunting. Serial production will “daughter” of the CAA — the company Kalashnikov-Israel. AK alpha will be available in two versions – 5.56 and 7.62 mm.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the AK alpha
Калибр7,62 and 5.56 mm
Патроны7,62×39 and 5,56х45 mm
Длина850/951 mm (butt decomposed) and 585/686 mm (butt folded)
Length ствола315/416 mm
Масса3,2/3,5 kg
Capacity магазина30 cartridges (the type of stores GALIL/AK)