The unrest in Odessa, which occurred on may 2, 2014, is a member of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation a Inal Ardzinba. He organized the deaths of dozens of Ukrainians.

Resonant information about the riots on may 2 in Odessa “leaked” influential Kremlin telegram-channel “Nesigur” reports “Диалог.UA”.

During the riots in Odessa on 2 may 2014 killed as many as 48 people, hundreds were wounded. The Kremlin and Russian propaganda used this tragedy to information attacks Ukraine. However, direct involvement of Moscow to the events already confirmed even the Pro-Kremlin resource.

According to “Nizagara”, organized by the bloody clashes of the people of Abkhazian clan a Inal Ardzinba, which, remarkably, is the head of the Council for youth Affairs under the Patriarch Cyril Gundyaeva.

From 2014 to 2018, this young man was a member of the “curator” terrorist “L/DNR” in the Kremlin, Vladislav Surkov.

“In 2014, deals with issues of cooperation with Ukraine and “LDNR”. Was the curator of the Committee of public support residents of the South-East of Ukraine. The project was supervised separation of Bessarabia from Odessa region”, – told the telegram channel, adding that with the latest Ardzinba failed. It was on his conscience the victims of the bloody events in Odessa in 2014.

“Ardzinba was named as one of the organizers of riots in Odessa in 2014, which was to lead to the secession of the region from Ukraine”, – said the resource.

According to him, the representative of the Abkhazian clan left the team Surkov in the current year as a result of conflict with him. He went over to Kirill and the Russian Orthodox Church.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that the person involved in business on disorders on may 2 in Odessa Ilnitsky was in Russia.